Roy Mathur



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Hello! I'm Roy, welcome to my website and here's a bit about me:

Journalism - Print and Online

I have written, edited and sub-edited articles and features for newspapers, magazines and the web.

Seventy articles carrying my byline have been published in print publications, the majority in my column within the pages of a national broadsheet, the others in high quality glossies.

Copywriting - Bespoke Content

As a vital part of your total marketing strategy, I write and edit the best bespoke, high quality, SEO friendly copy uniquely tailored to your needs.

Since 1995 I have delivered media and technology solutions to blue chip companies, governments, public bodies and SMEs on three continents.

Contact me now for a free, friendly and confidential consultation.

Writing - Fantastic Fiction

As an author I write genre fiction. I have published a horror story on Kindle and I am seeking for representation for an adventure novel I have recently completed. I am also currently editing a multi-genre anthology of science fiction, fantasy and horror stories.

In addition, I have written two short film scripts and developed an interactive fiction game.

Roy's Rocket Radio - Creating and Enjoying Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

As well as having been on both sides of the mic on live radio, I produce, present and edit the topical, timely and superbly sublime Roy's Rocket Radio. In the podcast I talk about both creating and enjoying science fiction, fantasy and horror entertainment, and anything else that happens to tickle my creative, nerdly and tech-mad fancy.

The Captain's B-Log

This is about as much as I can tell you without boring your pants off, but buy me a Betelgeusian Brain Buster and I'll talk the hind pods off an Arcturan zingbat. If you can't wait that long, feel free to rummage, but please mind the cabling.