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Roy Mathur Author/Journalist/Presenter

Roy is an author, journalist, presenter, and all-round creative media professional, with a background in technology and heritage.

As an author and creative writer, he writes original fiction, film scripts, and backstory, dialogue, and interactive fiction for games.

He is also a journalist and columnist, covering the pop culture and technology beat, with at least a hundred articles, features, and posts published in national and regional newspapers, glossies, and online publications.

As a podcast presenter, his weekly pop culture and technology show, Roy's Rocket Radio, is a topical and entertaining mixture of news and opinion.


He grew up playing games on the Pong and Sega consoles, the Nintendo Gameboy, and the Commodore 64 (the system on which he first started programming), and excavated his first archaeological site while still in primary school. He later attained higher and postgraduate level qualifications in historical research, science, and technology, and went on to work professionally in these fields. These interests give his writing and presenting a unique, engaging, and informed voice.

Since 2012 he has been a freelance journalist working in both traditional print and digital media.

Before 2012 he worked in the heritage sector as a researcher, contractor, educator, and museum curator.

Prior to that, he spent a number of years as an ETL expert in the IT industry; interacting at board level on projects with budgets exceeding 3M, for clients including blue-chip companies, governments, public bodies, and SMEs on three continents.


M–F 9–5 GMT