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Roy Mathur

Writer and Creative Media Professional


I am an all-round creative media professional, with a strong background in technology, and experience of radio and film production. I write for print, online, games, film etc., and edit websites and test for UX issues (see Services).

In my IT career, I worked my way up from first line support, to developer, analyst, project manager, and consultant ETL expert; gluing complex backends together. I have worked for blue-chip clients in the finance, government, defence, R&D, education, and heritage market sectors, and interacted at board level on projects with budgets exceeding 3M.



I am a published broadsheet journalist. My beat is technology and entertainment and I am also, of course, versatile enough to write about other topics too.


As a vital part of your total marketing strategy, I provide extensive print and online copy editing and copywriting services. I write the best bespoke, high quality, SEO friendly content uniquely tailored to your requirements.

Technical Documentation

My background as a consultant analyst and ETL expert in the IT industry means I both understand complex systems, and can write documentation that is readable by human beings.

Website Edit

I will scrupulously trawl through the text of your website and correct all spelling, grammar, and layout errors.

Website UX Test

I can thoroughly test your website, with tough, real-world, end-user scenarios reporting all bugs and usability issues, and suggesting improvements.


I write and edit film and game scripts, and have experience of audio and video production.

Games Writing

I compose vivid and believable dialogue and backstory, and can localise English dialects and colloquialisms for the British, Canadian, and American markets.

Fiction Writing

I write original genre prose; broadly favouring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and adventure.


I have experience of community, streaming, and live-to-air broadcast radio which, since 2012, have leveraged into producing, presenting, and editing a podcast about pop culture, technology, and creative matters. It is a unique blend appealing to both fans and media professionals alike. So, if you are looking for a presenter with real studio experience, look no further.


Since 2009 I have maintained a personal blog that reflects the aforesaid interests, and was partially the reason that I landed a coveted job as a broadsheet columnist. My editorial experience, combined with a familiarity of blogging platforms; Wordpress, Medium etc., Markup languages; HTML5, Markdown etc., enables me to contribute to online media outlets.


An ongoing list, including samples of most of my work relevant to what I have said above, is available via this bibliography.


Since 1995 I have delivered media and technology solutions to blue chip companies, governments, public bodies, and SMEs on three continents.


Email for a free, friendly, and confidential consultation. I am reliable, flexible, and available on short notice.