Roy Mathur

Writer · Podcaster


Hello, I'm Roy, a writer, podcaster, and all-round creative media professional.

Writer: I am a journalist, covering the culture and technology beat. My work has appeared in national and regional broadsheets and glossies, as well as online. I am also a creative writer; an author, a gameswriter developing interactive fiction, backstory, and dialogue for video games, and a scriptwriter with experience of writing film and television scripts.

Podcaster: I am the producer, presenter, and editor of a geeky culture and technology podcast. This long running show preceded journalism and followed a couple of broadcast radio presenter gigs.

Where did it all start? As a child, I was obsessed with books, comics, films, and TV. I played video games on the Binatone TV Master (possibly a clone), the Sega Mega Drive, the original beige Nintendo Gameboy, and the breadbox Commodore 64 (the system on which I first started programming). Thanks to my parents, I had a keen sense of history, and I constantly scribbled stories, doodled, and snapped photographs with a series of film cameras. These early interests led to an education and career in science, technology, heritage, and finally media.