Roy Mathur

Author · Journalist · Presenter

Hello, bonjour, and welcome. I'm Roy, an author, journalist, presenter, and all-round creative media professional.

Author: As an author and creative writer, I currently write original fiction. I also have experience of writing film and television scripts, interactive fiction, and backstory and dialogue for games.

Journalist: I am also a published journalist and columnist, covering the pop culture and technology beat, with many articles, features, and posts published in national broadsheet and regional newspapers, glossies, and online publications.

Presenter: Since 2012, I have produced, presented, and edited a weekly pop culture and technology show. The Roy's Rocket Radio podcast is a topical and entertaining mixture of news and opinion. I have also worked a couple of presenting stints on traditional broadcast radio.


I grew up playing games on the Binatone TV Master, Sega Megadrive, Nintendo Gameboy, and the Commodore 64 (the system on which I first started programming).

While in primary school, I assisted my mother excavating an archaeological site.

These early influences led to a higher and postgraduate education, encompassing technology, science, and historical research.

I went on to work in the same fields, and these interests give my writing and presenting, what I hope, is an informed, engaging, and unique voice.


Since 2012, I have been a freelance journalist.

Before journalism, I worked as a researcher, contractor, educator, and museum curator in the heritage sector.

This followed a career as an ETL expert in the IT industry. I developed solutions to connect and extract information from complex disparate systems. I interacted at board level on projects with budgets exceeding 3M for blue-chip clients, SMEs, government departments, and public bodies on three continents.