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I have Not Ascended to Singularity-hood… Yet… Just Very Busy

Just wanted to let the followers of this thingy know that I’m still around, still in town, like Mongo, just busy for the next week.  So expect very few updates. Other news: my personal nerd-fit-club seems to be going well, … Continue reading

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Abnormal Service Has Resumed

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.tek: I’ve Lost My Programming Chops: I Don’t Know XOR from Coleslaw

I’ve never been a great programmer.  I’ve fluctuated wildly between utterly incompetent to unbearably clever. It’s been years since I’ve done any professionally, but lately, given my boring life, I’ve decided that I want to stick my oar back in.  … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones: Lean, Hungry Cast… Except for Token Fatty – Samwell Tarly

After two days in row at the gym, I did myself a mischief.  Yesterday, I lay in bed most of the day, having trouble breathing and dwelling on weighty matters (sorry) such as the mortality of my morbidly obese and … Continue reading

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Meet The Production Team: A Horse Called Horsey

This is Horsey, taking a well-deserved break from propping up my iPad 2 and handling office security-

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War I wrote an overwrought, long since deleted, blog post about war ages ago, but the above link says it all.

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Book Reviews: Cult of Lego and My Continuing Struggle With Reamde

Cult of Lego is boring and unopinionated.  Unlike this blog.  Unaccountably, more than two people have actually read it (unlike this blog). Nice pictures, passable cover and published, so one chainsaw. Still struggling through Neal Stephenson’s Reamde.  It’s about a … Continue reading

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