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.tek: Ron McNair: The First (and Only) Saxophonist in Space

Just started trying to teach myself the sax this week (see my Bucket List) and came across this article yesterday. Apparently the late Ron McNair convinced NASA that it was vitally important that he be the first person to play … Continue reading

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At least it’s a nice day…

At least it’s a nice day…

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Emporia Esoterica Now Open – I’m Now Selling Stuff…

Just re-opened my eBay account a few days ago to sell off some odds and ends I have laying about.  Check out Emporia Esoterica At the moment I’ve got an ex-demo Alphasmart Neo 2 for sale (yeah that thing above)[SOLD]. … Continue reading

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.tek: No Facebook, No Cry

I wanted to own a couple of shares just to be part of the event, you know- it’s a nerd thing.  But I’m glad I didn’t go through all the hassle, because it all seems so, so bleh only a … Continue reading

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Future Nasty: Breaking Bad Season Five and Second Run: Eden Lake

My favourite supervillain is back for a last hurrah this July. Yep, Walter White, ex-school teacher and meth cook par excellence, is returning, post the amazingly gory finale of season four after his bomb ripped Los Pollos Hermanos owner and … Continue reading

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.tek: Snake Oil (Dodgy Tech) Watch: Boots Anti-Snoring Ring

I love products like this- they give me the chance to vent my innate misanthropy in a constructive manner. Just a little context- Boots is probably the most reputable and popular high street pharmacists in the UK. Recently they’ve started … Continue reading

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Second Run: Harry Palmer: Everyspy

Somewhere between James Bond and George Smiley sits Harry Palmer, underwhelming, but clever, supercool British spy. Played by Michael Caine, Palmer was the subject of either five or six films depending on how you look at things- The Ipcress File … Continue reading

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