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Ice Cream Rocks and So Does Reggie the Ice Cream Man!

This post’s in honour of both ice cream (I had one a few hours ago… mmm…) and those battle-hardened ice cream van operatives who brave the terrors of the semi-post-apocalyptic suburbs to bring us this sweet ambrosia! Reggie the ice … Continue reading

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3000+ Visitors To This Blog! THANK YOU!

Fantastic!  Just looked at my stats and a few minutes ago we cracked the 3000 mark.  Amazing.  Thanks, thanks, I’m not worthy etc… Now back to Ghostrider on the box.

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.tek: I’m Now on Tumblr Too (How To Export WordPress to Tumblr)

According to this Wired article- So you Wanna Be an Internet Sensation? , the best way to get noticed (and get more work) is to have a Tumblr blog.  So I did that.  Took me 20 minutes and this is … Continue reading

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