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Ice Cream Rocks and So Does Reggie the Ice Cream Man!

This post’s in honour of both ice cream (I had one a few hours ago… mmm…) and those battle-hardened ice cream van operatives who brave the terrors of the semi-post-apocalyptic suburbs to bring us this sweet ambrosia! Reggie the ice … Continue reading

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3000+ Visitors To This Blog! THANK YOU!

Fantastic!  Just looked at my stats and a few minutes ago we cracked the 3000 mark.  Amazing.  Thanks, thanks, I’m not worthy etc… Now back to Ghostrider on the box.

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.tek: I’m Now on Tumblr Too (How To Export WordPress to Tumblr)

According to this Wired article- So you Wanna Be an Internet Sensation? , the best way to get noticed (and get more work) is to have a Tumblr blog.  So I did that.  Took me 20 minutes and this is … Continue reading

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.tek: Prometheus: ET’s Tin Whistle is a Wicked Input Device

I mostly savaged Prometheus in my review yesterday, but one of the nice touches in the movie was the alien humanoid’s remote control whistle for interfacing with the bridge instruments on their spaceship. I love that idea; it’s got me … Continue reading

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.tek: Congratulations to Liu Yang, The First Chinese Woman In Space

Congratulations to Liu Yang, the first Chinese woman in space.  Also, it’s great that countries like China and India are taking up the slack now that NASA seems to have largely abandoned the human exploration of space.  On this latest … Continue reading

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Second Run Review: Android (1982): Brilliant

Another movie with old uncle Klaus.  This time Android from 1982.  This is a low-budget SciFi about a mechanical man- Max 404 who assists his mad-scientist master (Kinski, of course) in an off-planet lab.  During the course of the film, … Continue reading

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Second Run Review: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979): Rubbish

Someone once took me to task for mocking Werner Herzog’s  Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979), but I stand by what I said.  It’s overrated crap.  Not even the usual incandescence of Kinski can improve this garbage. One particularly ridiculous scene remains … Continue reading

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