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No Good News Today, So I’m Doing The Only Thing Worth Doing: Writing

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I’m Two Years Younger!

I’ve been a bit fed up lately, brooding about aging, loss, lost opportunities and the general horribleness of the universe.  Today, sitting in front of the netbook, I was pondering death creeping ever closer like that swinging scythe in The … Continue reading

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#Blogging #Madness: Captain Roy Thanks Visitors! 327 Posts 4002 Visitors!

Just had a look at the stats for this blog- 4002 visitors 327 posts Me and my hat just want’s to thank everyone! Other visitor milestones- 1000 2000 3000 More comments and more lunacy please. More, more, more! Let’s rage … Continue reading

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The Jaffa Protocol Revisited: #Syria @guardian @bbc

Ages ago I espoused The Jaffa Protocol as an escape plan that all  dictators should arrange should things go pear-shaped and the  pitchfork/RPG wielding unwashed, peasantry rise up and attack the presidential palace.  But, strangely no one is listening. President … Continue reading

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Don’t Poke The #Nerd: #Spam + Local #Councils @guardian @xkcd #rant

For the second time my comments have been marked as spam.  Have you read those articles on the net that encourage you to comment on other people’s blogs, online forums and newspapers etc?  Well, the first time I did this, … Continue reading

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TechieTalk July 2012 #tech #gadgets #apple #microsoft @bbc @guardian @wired @cnet @god

Mon 02-Jul-2012 Play DOS Games and Try Ubuntu Mon 09-Jul-2012 A Week in Technology ACTA and the Higgs Boson Mon 16-Jul-2012 Rage Against The Mundane: Smartphones Mon 23-Jul-2012 Learn To Write Computer Programs Mon 30-Jul-2012 High Tech Startups and Entrepreneurship … Continue reading

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Latest Arghhhs and Yo, Ho, Hos from the #Olympics 2012

Arghhhs!   Apparently some Olympic sponsors with tickets have not bothered  turning up to events.  Nice one guys- zillions without tickets and you do this. Archery event screwup meant that a bunch of people turned up for an event that they … Continue reading

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