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#SciFi #TV @BBC Stephen Gallagher’s Doctor Who

Stephen Gallagher is one of my favourite writers.  Amongst his numerous and varied work in several genres, he also wrote a particularly excellent story for Tom Baker’s Doctor Who called Warrior’s Gate.

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#SciFi #TV Doctor Who: The Power of Three

I just watched the re-run.  Not great.  For a start there’s nothing frightening about a little box unless it’s the Lemarchand Configuration.  Then near the end of the show, as usual, the Doctor just waves his hands a bit and … Continue reading

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In Your Face Sergey and Larry

Me update:  I was sick enough to go to casualty the day before yesterday.  The pain in my left side was incredible.  Apparently I may have whooping cough or an allergy or a bog-standard chest infection mainly in my right … Continue reading

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TechieTalk: Poker Face Ace: Become a Pop Star

Ever had a tune floating around your head?  Something you just know sounds so great that if you can only turn it into a finished single, it will land you a contract with a major record label.  If you have … Continue reading

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Still Sick, But on the Bright Side… There Isn’t Any DROKKING Bright Side Perp!

I’m still suffering from delightfully invigorating bouts of coughing and retching worthy of The Exorcist thanks to whooping cough (Bordetella pertussis), which seems to be enjoying a comeback tour in the UK at the moment.  And, just for good measure, … Continue reading

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TechieTalk: Net Medicine

I’m currently suffering from whooping cough. When I visited a clinic I was given mild antibiotics for my sore throat and congested chest and was told to rest and push the fluids because I had a mild chest infection. The … Continue reading

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Service Announcement: Upcoming #SciFi #Podcast, #TV and Other #News, But Absolutely Nothing About #Kate

Kate’s Bits, Red Dwarf and Doctor Who – I’ve been avoiding the boredom, caused largely by the coverage (or lack thereof) of Kate’s upper-midriff that seems to have gotten earth’s media in a tizzy, by watching the Red Dwarf marathon … Continue reading

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