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#Fantasy #Books: Sword and Sorcery’s Hall of Forgotten Heroes

OK, so we’ve all heard of Conan, Robert E. Howard’s most popular creation who strides the earth in search of loot, women, adventure and a kingdom to call his own and we’re yawning with Tolkien (thank you very much Mr. … Continue reading

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Web #TV: Angel of Death, Dancing on the Edge, Psychos, Secret State

I’ve been watching way too much telly as usual, and it’s got even worse now that I’ve found a sweet-low-bandwidth-usage-period in our house’s shared router during which I can stream web TV right to my phone. Angel of Death on … Continue reading

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.tek: Will-i-am Wants You To Code Zzzzzz…

Code: So the cult of celebrity has finally brought much needed credibility to us poor nerds.  (Yes, heavy sarcasm).  Will-I-Am and The Zuck, no-less, are encouraging American kids to learn to program.  Too late suckers- China, India and Eastern Europe … Continue reading

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