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#SciFi #Movie #Review: #Oblivion

I liked it; of course it was derivative, I’m not sure what isn’t any more. The easily detected SF visual vocabulary can be seen in the Hal/BSG/Terminator red machine eyes, the echoes of Beneath the Planet of the Apes and, … Continue reading

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Roy’s Rollup: Da Vinci’s Demons, Orphan Black, FiloFraud, Dirt Revisited

Da Vinci’s Demons: I’m just starting to watch this new series from trash-meister Starz, responsible for such epics as Spartacrud. This one, I’m pleased to say, doesn’t entirely suck. I liked the general look, the story had me intrigued, the … Continue reading

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.tek: I Ditched FiloFax Today!

I have been a FiloFax Personal owner since around the age of the dinosaurs. Over the years I have had brief and unsuccessful flirtations with various other paper digital and  organisers. I was a rabid Palm user, but they kept … Continue reading

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