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New Nerdy Media Empire Reaching Warp Speed: Star Adventurer, neRRRcast etc… #SciFi, #Fantasy, #Horror, #UK

Pardon the egotistical title of this post, but if I’m not going to blow my own trumpet, I doubt anyone else will either. You can now: Read our fantastic new genre magazine Star Adventurer. Listen to the neRRRcast here or … Continue reading

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Batten Down the Hatches: It’s Writing Time!

Okay, I’ve slept, done the laundry, washing up and shopping, messed about with LinkedIn (thanks all 175 contacts), checked my email and fiddled with my social media.  Now The Captain is battening down the hatches and hiding away from the … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log, Stardate… Eh… Dunno…: Upcoming Podcast, Short-Story Submissions, Extreme Bizziness

I was going to be all clever and put in a “real” stardate using one of the many online calculators put up by trekkies.  But the only commonality between them is that they all come out with wildly varying dates.  … Continue reading

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