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TechieTalk: Dog and Bone: #Ubuntu #Edge Dead + Developing Apps for #FirefoxOS #Smartphones

And… (several months later) we’re back… The Independent Daily where this column originally appeared may have gone bust, but TechieTalk lives!* So the Ubuntu smartphone kickstarter failed to reach its target of $32 million dollars. Big whoop. Don’t get me … Continue reading

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YouTube Trawl: Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell #Journalism #Reporters #Hacks

Remember this old gem? I don’t recollect whether I saw this at the theatre, on the TV or on video, but what a great play:

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Looking Back at The Fury and The Medusa Touch (1978) #SciFi #Horror #Thriller

I just tweeted a YouTube trailer of the The Medusa Touch (1978), based on a novel by the late Peter Van Greenaway, only to discover that another of my favourites was also released that year. It was the year that … Continue reading

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#Programmers and #Coders: Any UK #Devs bought a #ZTE Open (#FirefoxOS) from eBay yet? Views?

I’m currently writing an article and would like to know how your development experience with the new device goes… p.s. I installed the Firefox OS Simulator earlier today myself. It looks sparse, but clean and simple.

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My Journalistic Hate List @NUJofficial @journalism @BBC @Guardian

Things… …and some I’m also guilty of committing: Articles with “Why You Should…” in the title. Articles with “N Reasons Why You Should…” in the title. Any “Top N Things” type listicle articles. (GUILTY!) Statistically unprovable rating schemes with “N … Continue reading

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#Comic #Book #Review: Grant Morrision’s and Philip Bond’s Vimanarama

In this SciFi/Fantasy comedy the father of our lackadaisical hero, Ali, owns a corner-shop in Bradford. One day some shelves collapse on Ali’s hard-working brother Omar and a huge hole appears… The hole imprisons something very nasty indeed that inevitably … Continue reading

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#TV #Review: Breaking Bad, Season 5, Part II, Episode 9, It’s The Final Countdown… Oh No!

Thus commences the beginning of the end of AMC’s brilliant show. In the first episode of the grande finale we see a long Star Trek themed dialogue about subjects only a Trekkie (like me) would get. This indicates, quite clearly, … Continue reading

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