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Upcoming neRRRcast Update (#Nerd, #Geek, #Otaku #Podcast)

Ahhh refreshed and settling down to record the latest neRRRcast after a hiatus of three months. If you are a new listener, this is what it’s all about: Welcome to The Greatest Show in the Multiverse!  Strap yourself into a … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey, it’s my birthday today and I am… older. I woke up to the lovely bing-bonging  of “Happy Birthday” message notifications arriving on my phone, then Mum saw me wandering around the house and I got another “Happy Birthday”; a … Continue reading

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Dexter Is Done

The very last episode of Dexter aired in the UK a few days ago. I enjoyed the long-running show and got a kick out of Dexter’s cleverness and charisma, largely due to Michael C. Hall’s fantastic acting. The fact that … Continue reading

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