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Star Adventurer Magazine: It’s Been A Ride…

But it’s over now… A big thanks to all our visitors, readers and, especially, our contributors. The site will remain online for a short while longer. SAM    

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#Snapchat #Security Snitch-Ups & #Snaphack Snafu

What a fiasco: Snapchat glibly handing over data to spooks and the Snaphack app that makes a nonsense of one-time pics. My well thought out and mature response follows: You can read Snapchat’s security policy here, shortly before taking them … Continue reading

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Hey, Wannabe #UK #SciFi, #Fantasy and #Horror #Writers! What’s Better Than #NaNoWriMo? PLEASE RT!

Actually NaNoWriMo’s absolutely fine, but how about taking the next step and actually seeing your work published in a free online pulp mag? Interested? Of course you are! Okay, visit Star Adventurer Magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror NOW! … Continue reading

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#UK #SciFi #Movie #Review: Storage 24

Written and starring Doctor Who‘s Mickey (Noel Clarke) and, as Hick’s says in Aliens (1986), “It’s a bug hunt.” Only this time it’s set in a Battersea storage facility. The non-bug characters consist of a motley crew of  Joe and … Continue reading

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#UK #SciFi, #Fantasy and #Horror #Podcast: neRRRdcast AKA Roy’s Rocket Radio Episode 17

Episode 17, huzzah! This week, an extra, extra long and very uncut show, featuring oodles of tentacular, nerdy goodness ready for direct brain download: Oldboy, World War Z, Atlantis, Blackout, Breaking Bad, BBC Radio SciFi, The Magician’s Land,, Horrible … Continue reading

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neRRRcast AKA Roy’s Rocket Radio Episode 17 Recording Soon #SciFi #Fantasy #Horror #Pulp #UK #Nerd #Podcast

You can download the spanking new episode 17 of the outstanding podcast in a few hours. In the meantime, you can subscribe and download old episodes here (RSS) or here (iTunes). About the neRRRcast AKA Roy’s Rocket Radio: Welcome to … Continue reading

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neRRRdcast #Podcast #News and Thought of The Day, #UK, #SciFi, #Tech, #VillainyPrevails

If all goes well, and the pathetic home you call earth does not explode in fiery death by tomorrow night, ready yourselves for yet another, almost splendid and very nearly passable, neRRRdcast… “So soon?” You exclaim, wide-eyed with astonishment. To … Continue reading

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