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Very Quick Review: Sleeper Season One Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips (2009) (Wildstorm)

Holden Carver is James Bond with Rogue-like superpowers. He is a high level double-agent undercover in a supervillain’s cabal. Noir, hardboiled with superpowers thrown in for good measure. Not bad, though it is difficult to feel any real empathy whatsoever … Continue reading

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Roy’s Rocket Radio 34, Inc. Doctor Who (1st Doctor, Series 1, 2 The Daleks 1-7, 1963)

News: Less TV More Books, TV: Game of Thrones Season 4, Doctor Who (1st Doctor, Series 1, 2 The Daleks 1-7, 1963), Aftershow: Mini Book Reviews Soon Download ~ Subscribe ~ Other Options

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System of a Down: Chop Suey

[vimeo 2788745 w=633 h=477] Great vid, a few years old, but I’m catching up… Soon I’ll even be in the right decade! Must recalibrate the yearometer };-> (NB/ This particular video won’t work on some mobiles, sorry).

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