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Podcast Stats and #RoysRocketRadio Needs You!

Podcast Stats: The podcast continues to grow. Another week, and already, another couple of hundred listeners join the ranks. I just had another look at my stats a couple of minutes ago: MP3 Downloads Feb 01-25 1210 (hits)  43.61 GB … Continue reading

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RRR 70, Inc. Pierre Drolet, CGI Modeller and Starship Builder! (BSG, Razor, Caprica, Enterprise, Serenity etc.), UK Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Technology Podcast

This week I chat to top Hollywood CGI modeller Pierre Drolet who has worked on many big name science fiction productions. One of his specialties is starships. Let the full implication of what that means sink in – HE BUILDS STARSHIPS! … Continue reading

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Year of the Sheep!

I was born in a year of the sheep, so this should be a particularly good year! Fingers crossed. Break a leg. The Scottish Play. Spinning around three times and chucking salt over my shoulder. };->

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