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Tomorrowland Live Video Feed of #Dance #Music Festival in #Belgium

Tomorrowland (?) live feed: [youtube] You can also watch on YouTube and at the Tomorrowland website.

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Varis the Musical Assassin: Spotted In Toy Store

About a month ago I saw this figure in Toy Barnhaus and realised that I had found the PlayMobil embodiment of the protagonist from my short story The Black Tower. Albeit, in a stolen uniform and ironically waving a standard. I … Continue reading

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#Cult Stuff: Star Wars #Cassette Tape and #Damned Vinyl #SciFi #Music

Moving is sad, mostly because of the stuff that you have to let go.  You would know this if you share the otaku gene.  So it was with great glee that I recently surfed up copies of two treasured items … Continue reading

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