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Roy’s Rocket Radio RRR149 Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

Roy’s Rocket Radio – Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Pop Culture and Technology for the UK Creative Geek The ONLY full service nerd show is back! News: Sponsorship, Bookshop, RIP Gene Wilder, What Happened to the Show? Writing: I have interest… … Continue reading

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Roy’s Rocket Radio, RRR 146, Inc. Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

News: Close, But No Guitar, Sound Quality of Last Podcast, Movies: High-Rise (2015) Addendum to Non-Review in Last Podcast, Star Trek: Beyond (2016), Technology: ARM Bought by Softbank for £24 Billion Download ~ Notes ~ Subscribe Errata et Addendum };->

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Star Trek: Renegades (Official Complete Film)

This is a fan film starring many of the cast from the franchise. Official site, IMDB. Even more Star Trek than you can shake a (sadly) empty bottle of Romulan ale here.

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No-Spoiler #SciFi #Movie #Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

I have just returned home from the Star Trek/Star Trek: Into Darkness double-bill at Cineworld in Crawley. The atmosphere was electric and both the staff and movie-goers were wonderfully enthusiastic. There was a raffle (that I did NOT win. Grrr) … Continue reading

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Even Longer Trailer: Star Trek: Into The Darkness HD, Featuring Benedict “Vegetable-Man” Cumberbatch!

What is it with JJ blowing everything up? I swear JJ, this better not be Khan, Mitchell… or a clone.  Or an android.  EMG, it’s android, I know it is.  Pretty please, no androids.  Dammit, not Colonel Green either!  Eh… … Continue reading

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Star Trek: Into The Darkness: Sartorial Satany: Enough With The Evil Coats of… Evil! #SciFi

I’ve given up trying to guess who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing or if JJ’s boys will manage NOT to louse up the writing this time,  I just wish villains could wear something other than sinister, long, black coats. Other posts … Continue reading

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The IT Crowd, Season 4, Episode 6: Female Star Trek #tv #comedy #video #clip

I got nothing else to share today, just too busy.  Enjoy.

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