Rider In The Mist 1.0b

ABOUT: Rider In The Mist is a completely free, no-nags sword and sorcery game of interative fiction built with Twine. It requires an internet connection and will run on any device with an HTML5 capable browser.


FEEDBACK: Please use the ‘Contact’ link above to let me know what you think of the game, and also read this UPDATE)

HINT: You must play until you reach the page marked with the words ‘The End’ to fully finish the game.

BUGS: This game consists of about six thousand words, broken up into approximately seventy pages and spans a sequence of interlinked events in the lives of three characters. I started writing the game for fun (yeah right) on the 16th December 2014 and then rushed, perhaps unwisely, in order to release it at midnight on New Year’s Eve 2014. This means that, although I have spent untold hours checking for errors, it is almost inevitable that some have made it through – hence the beta suffix. Therefore, let me know if you have any problems and I will fix them immediately.

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