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Rider In The Mist: Latest Update

Rider In The Mist: Remember that lovely little bloody, and rather nasty, old school sword and sorcery game I made over Christmas? Well, I noticed a couple of nice things people have said about it and have decided to big … Continue reading

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#SciFi #Podcast: Roy’s Rocket Radio, Episode 19: Matt Smith’s Last #DoctorWho, #TheHungerGamesCatchingFire etc…

After stuffing my face with Christmas yumminess, failing to take a nap, then watching the last Matt Smith Doctor Who, I, unwisely, decided to end the night by trying to crank out one more podcast before midnight. So, without further … Continue reading

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#Programmers and #Coders: Any UK #Devs bought a #ZTE Open (#FirefoxOS) from eBay yet? Views?

I’m currently writing an article and would like to know how your development experience with the new device goes… p.s. I installed the Firefox OS Simulator earlier today myself. It looks sparse, but clean and simple.

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