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Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocket ship ride to the Nerd-O-Mania Nebula... Whoosh! From the backroom of the Rusty Rocket Tavern in Altair City Spaceport, the Captain presents THE UK show for the pop culture geek, technology nerd, and creative wizard. This podcast spans the entire breadth of science fiction, fantasy, horror, books, comics, movies, TV, games, toys, tech, and creative media. Produced using alien technology, eldritch powers and caffeinated beverages since July 2012.

The Captain!


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Talk nerdy to me. };-> I'm always happy to make new friends and respond to listeners. You can send an email, or connect with me on Twitter or Facebook.

Past Guests

  • Richard Mason, 2000AD fan and electronics geek, episode 129.
  • Tom Walton, musician and friend of the show, episodes 105, 106, 107, 110, 112, 117, 119, 122, 127, 131, 134 and 160.
  • Sophie Aldred, actress, Doctor Who, Tree Fu Tom etc., and singer, episode 99.
  • Huw Collingbourne, tech journalist, Computer Shopper, PC World etc., and author, episode 98.
  • Shayne T. Wright, author of science fiction, horror and techno thrillers, episode 96
  • Christopher Fowler, author of Roofworld, Psychoville, the Bryant and May series etc., episode 84.
  • Dave Strand, indie developer of audio interactive fiction, episode 82.
  • Chris Townsend, actor, episode 81.
  • Dean Motter, artist and creator of Mister X, episode 79.
  • Anthonia Ngozi Beddall, TV producer, and Alpha, indie filmmaker, episode 78.
  • Pierre Drolet, Emmy award winning CGI modeller, BSG, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise and Nemesis, episode 70.
  • Kitty Horrorshow, indie games developer, episode 68.
  • Andy Robb, actor and author of the Geekhood series, episodes 64
  • and 69.
  • Scott Grandison, developer and podcaster, episodes 13, 14 and 17.

New Guests

Get in touch if you want to be on the show, and can stand not being paid with anything more than good karma. Namaste.

For the interview:

  • You can call using Skype, with your webcam off and all other internet activity suspended.
  • You can also call from a landline or mobile, but please do not use hands-free mode.
  • Alternatively, you may provide a phone-sync (tape-sync/simul-rec/double-ender) LPCM wav recording (at least 44.1 khz 16 bit) of your side of the conversation.

You will need a quiet space, and I will require your undivided attention for a minimum of twenty minutes. Finally, and this is really important, please publicise your participation in the show on your own social media channels, because if no one listens what's the point?

Meet the Crew

Meet our capable crew cruising the space lanes of the imagination:

  • The Captain! Host

The Captain is an adventurer, rock star and supervillain with a penchant for G&Ts, C7H10N4O2 and insanely loud music. His exploits usually involve arriving just in time to save the multiverse (or thoroughly bugger it up) in a Vimana shaped like a wardrobe.

"Doctor... Who? Pah! I am the Captain! Sherbet lemon? Now step into my wardrobe. What? Yes, of course it's smaller on the inside you blithering idiot!"

NB/ Contrary to the wanted posters rumours, he is not a multi-tentacled cyborg from the 27th dimension (at least, not completely).

Ably assisted by:

  • Horsey Line Producer, Transportation Coordinator, Location Scout

And The TRIPLETS of Evil (take that Hammer!):

  • Igor Production Assistant, Butler Prime, 1st Henchman
  • Ygor 2nd Henchman
  • Fritz Studio Runner

Not forgetting, of course, strong, stalwart and sinisterly silent:

  • Boris Screening Room Supervisor, Projectionist, Distribution Manager

The suspiciously sentient siblings:

  • Ratty and Bumbles Mascots

And finally, the mild-mannered:

  • Roy Mathur Producer, Editor

Syndication, Aggregation, T&Cs

You may re-syndicate this feed on a non-commercial basis. For commercial use, please contact us.

Sponsored by:

  • The Royal Mail Service of Garudastan.

Please get in touch if you represent any organisation in this actual plane of reality interested in advertising with us.

Awards and Honours

We have been awarded with the following unique honours:

  • By Royal Appointment to His Royal Highness King Rajah C of Garudastan for excellence in broadcasting.
  • Freedom of the City: Grand Cabaret, Mauritius 2016.


Wherein we deny all responsibility, bury our heads in the sand, stick fingers in our ears, hum loudly and shout 'We can't hear you, we can't hear you!'

  • Warning: The audio podcast show, known throughout the multiverse as Roy's Rocket Radio (henceforth referred to as THE PODCAST), is classified as seditious by the Supreme Council of Gallifrey, the United Federation of Planets and other tin-pot bureaucracies. Possession is punishable either: to be "banished to endless imprisonment in the Phantom Zone" or "cast into the Pit of Carkoon, the nesting place of the all-powerful Sarlacc."
  • Disclaimer: By listening to THE PODCAST, you agree not to hold THE PODCAST responsible for any resultant damages including, though not limited to, legal prosecution or litigation in all systems of law, loss of limb, life, or causation of apocalyptic-scale events within the multiverse, or the time-stream of past, present, future, and any other dimensions that may or may not exist. Suck on that Shadow Proclamation, Imperial Agents and Section 31.