The Rather Extraordinary Adventures of Roy Mathur

Author and Podcaster

Hello, I'm Roy from the UK. I'm a typomaniacal author of fantastic fiction, a voluble podcaster of geek, and a tech and pop culture columnist. You can find my work on the Kindle, in your ears, and just about everywhere.

typomaniacal: an obsessive need to be published.
voluble: talking a lot energetically.---RED (Roy's Excrutiating Dictionary), 1st Ed., 2020)

Other than a lifelong obsession with science fiction, fantasy, and horror, I always play a wizard in fantasy RPGs.

Do not try the patience of wizards, for they are gits. (Ne tardes magi, quia gits sunt).---JRRT, JMS, RM, 2021

I am also a twanging banjoleleist of rock'n'roll.

"A guitar is merely an ugly ukulele."---2022