Weekend Viewing: Doctor Who, Caves of Androzani and Pyramids of Mars

By Roy Mathur, on 2011-11-21, at 04:17 MUT, for Boldly Voyaging the Multiverse: Probably the Best Nerd Blog in the Multiverse

Great villains in both stories. The ridiculously insane Sharaz Jek, channeling the phantom of the opera from behind a terrifying PVC mask in the Caves of Androzani. And in the Pyramids of Mars, the short-lived, fez-wearing Naim, disciple of the evil god Set, first seen hammering out a tune on the pipe organ; always a good sign in any villain!

The Pyramids of Mars featured some hilarious Tom Baker ad-libbing. I really don't know how the BBC let him get away with "French Tickler? Never bends. Belonged to Marie Antoinette".

Christopher Gable played a wonderfully over-the-top Sharaz Jek and Naim was played by Peter Mayock. The Pyramids of Mars also has one of the most ridiculous death scenes that I have ever seen.  Only the Beeb...