RRR 16 GI Joe: Retaliation, Kickass 2, Dexter, Agents of Shield, Blowers

By Roy Mathur, on 2013-09-30, at 23:31:27--23:50:39 BST, for Roy's Rocket Radio, Listen

We Are Back!

No, the show has not disappeared, I have just been immensely busy.

But it's really great to be back and chatting to everyone out there!

I Moved to a Permanent Residence

More space, proper bed, all mod-cons. Still a few things to sort out, but a definite step up.

I also have a small, but separate office which is where I'm recording this show. Luxury!

GI Joe: Retaliation

Weirdly grown-up, humourless, topical and awful.

And they killed GI Joe (scar-faced Action Man in the UK)!

Kickass 2

Kickass 2 basically sucked apart from Hit Girl. Not irony, satire or wit.

Absolutely forgettable.

How I Live Now

Starring Soairse Ronan, Hint: Pronounced Sir-Sha Ronan, who seems to be in everything right now.

This is a movie adaptation of a very well received eponymous post-apocalyptic romance, Youth Fiction, SF novel by Meg Rosoff, published in 2004.

I'm looking forward to this one.


The new version of Oldboy by Spike Lee looks like a complete travesty.


Finale. It's over finally and I think the writers did a good job of ending the show despite many reviewers believing the opposite.

Read my blog posting.

Agents of Shield

Sorry, I don't think I'll be following this one.

While it isn't terrible; it was soapy (as is Joss Wheddon's wont) and seemed to take the position that the semi-fascistic SHIELD know's what's good for everyone. Argh! Sounds like Amanda Tapping's Sanctuary. I think that there might be something in the idea from Tim Kring's Heroes that those who want to be in charge are the worst of the lot.

And, let me tell you, Agent WhatsHisFace (Clark Gregg as Agent Phil Coulson) is absolutely NOT Colonel Nick Fury! I don't know what the big fuss about this bloke is, but I want SUPERHEROES, not a boring, pen-pushing, man-in-black with a gun!

Not So Much Reading as Writing

I now have three novels on the go and several short stories. It's all becoming a bit too much actually.

All you others attempting to write something: stick with it!


Please visit StarAdventurer.com if you like SciFi, Fantasy or Horror fiction... with a decidedly trashy edge.

iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, Blackberry Q5

Blowsy blowers: iPhone 5C (Budget? Yeah Right), iPhone 5S (Yawn), Blackberry Q5.

iPhone 5C: So here it is, TADA! Behold the iPhone 5C... and behold too the "bargain" price of the base model, only 80 quid less than the base model 5S. What? Are you completely zonked out of your heads Apple? How is a budget phone? I don't care if it washes the car or flies, it's still stupidly expensive.

iPhone 5S: What can I say? It's fine if your like iPhones and don't mind it's length. Obviously if you are a first-time iPhone buyer, go for this one, otherwise stick with the iPhone 5 that you already own. Again, I'd advise existing 4S owners not to bother upgrading unless you feel like changing half your peripherals.

Blackberry Q5: Finally an upgrade to the old line for those diehard button-pushing Crackberry loyalists. Verdict: does the job, but a more than hundred pounds more than a Nexus 4... and app-poor.