RRR 17 World War Z, Atlantis, Blackout, Breaking Bad

By Roy Mathur, on 2013-10-07, at 20:00:05--21:45:58 BST, for Roy's Rocket Radio, Listen

Guest Scott Grandison

Also this week, our frequent guest Scott Grandison of CBO, will chime in on our regular features and then we'll have a general chat about our nerdly activities of late.

Oldboy (2013)

Man inexplicably imprisoned for many years seeks answers.

Just watched the trailer; it's so horrible that I'm not playing it in the podcast. All I can say is that Spike Lee's has now outdone himself in sheer awfulness in this hideous, godawful remake starring Josh Brolin.

Watch it if you want your brains to leak out of your ears.

World War Z (2013)

World over-run by zombies.

Not bad at all for a big, brainless sci-fi horror.

Though I'm getting a little sick of seeing Brad in these movies. He seems so saintly. Hmmm, remember when he played a redneck serial-killer in Kalifornia (1993)?

Atlantis (2013)

Young, modern man washes up in the legendary city of Atlantis, i.e. Minoan Crete, under King Minos, played by Siddig El Fadil.

BBC's semi-historical fantasy drama (because the mythology's been massaged).

Though fun enough for me to watch. I like the rebooted, fat, cowardly Hercules (Mark Addy) too.

Blackout (2013)

Channel 4 drama postulates the results of a a few days power cut.

So this scared me silly and, if I was less lazy, would have made me go and convert my house into a fortified compound and stock up with enough supplies for protracted seige.

Breaking Bad (2013)

Walter White goes out in style. Fixes enemies with extreme predjudice, provides for family and frees Jessie (redemption?) before checking out. What a man.

Goodbye Walter, it's been a ride.

Note to creator Vince Gilligan: forget about the spinoff Better Call Saul. Remember Chris Carter's X-File spinoff The Lone Gunmen? Dude, move on!

BBC iPlayer Sci-Fi and Fantasy

If you like audio drama, check out BBC's iPlayer radio section under, "Categories/Drama/SciFi and Fantasy".

The Magician's Land (2014)

Looking forward to Lev Grossman's finale to the Magicians trilogy comming out next year.

Proves that there is life after Harry Potter.

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iOS 7

Horrible iOS 7. The pastel pustule on Satan's bottom. How much I hate iOS 7.0.1 and now already 7.0.2 because of the lock-screen fiasco. Does anyone test these releases?

And big whoop on the GUI changes! It hurts my eyes and flat means zero depth, so my depth perception is buggered!

The only good change is that you can now have more than 9 tabs in Safari. They had a choice: older iOS: cutesy, but easy, or iOS 7: serious, flat, and miserable-to-use.

WHY is Jonny Ives so damn rich anyway?

Mac Pro

New Mac Pro meh. The New MacPro isn't so clever either. It has been described as looking like a waste paper basket. And it isn't a particularly original design either. Please! Extruded donut with fan to aid convection. Ohhh, how amazing.

Also costs as much as the American space program.