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Normal Service Has Resumed

Predictably, nothing happened after uploading the podcast about Amazon's predilection for racist goods.

Anyway, today is a non-specific geek show about everything geek that interests me.

Game of Thrones

While 3 was too dark, 4 was pretty good. 3: GoT cinematographer defended the darkness on TMZ, saying, "I Promise We Shot 'The Long Night' Right!" No, you didn't. I liked the episode, but the battles were really hard to see, even with the TV calibrated and cranked, and the lights out, and the curtains drawn.

But Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) was awesome and heartbreaking in 3, like a character from one of the late great David Gemmell's bloody fantasy novels (which absolutely must have influenced the TV show), and I'm still thinking about it a week later.

Brienne's story arc in 4—heart-wrenching. I'm glad to see her character developing, and not stuck as a cardboard cutout one dimensional lady knight.

The talkie scenes, battles, and dragon drama in 4 were awesome.

The Good Fight

Ex-GoT and Utopia actress, Rose Leslie, is back playing the young lawyer as her firm navigates the anti-trump resistance, MeToo, and Michal Sheen's scene chewing druggie based loosely on Roy Cohn, one of red witch-hunting Senator Joseph McCarthy's counsels.

The 410

Short 25 minute episodes, 3 part, Canadian web series, by writer, producer, and actress Supinder Wraich.

It's about a Sikh truck driver arrested, with millions of dollars worth of cocaine, and his estranged daughter's attempt to get him back by resorting to crime.

The action scenes are rough and under-written, considering the subject matter, but the cultural stuff and the twist at the end are good.

Star Wars Day Movies

Managed to get through 4, 5, and 6, but it took me three days and four Cornettos.

It always wrecks me seeing Luke light that funeral pyre.

Escape Room

Saw + Cube = Escape Room, but that doesn't make it a bad movie.

Captain Marvel

Test pilot gains alien superpowers.

It surprised me how enjoyable this was.

I think Brie Larson really is perfect in the role. I think she is one of the most likeable of all the on-screen superheroes at the moment.


Boy gains magical superpowers and becomes Superman analogue.

Funny and fun. What happened? Looks like the DCU is actually not terrible anymore.

Hellraiser and Candyman Remakes

Pah! "'Hellraiser' Revival in the Works With 'Dark Knight' Writer David S. Goyer." For the love of Pinhead, just let Hellraiser go, and Candyman too, for that matter. The originals are great and don't need a cash-grab reboot.

There are a million great scripts waiting to be filmed and a million great stories waiting to be adapted: pick one. If you have to have something Barker, adapt another of his stories; there are so many.

Brightburn Trailer

No, it's not like Red Sun.

It looks great. I hope it's great. Please be great.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

So, that Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer...

Does this new version of Mysterio look overly powerful? Unless, of course, it's all smoke and mirrors?! P.S. I like the old version, which means I am now officially a dinosaur.

Alex + Ada Vol. 1

2014 trade paperback from Image Comics by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn.

Alex is lonely and single and so his rich granny buys him and a fembot; a gynoid; a female life-like android.

There are some really funny moments, like when Alex's sister discovers his secret, then immediately invites all their friends around to gawp at the bot and interrogate Alex. It's an excruciating and very funny scene. I actually cracked my face enough to laugh.

It's very similar to Humans TV show, but on a smaller scale.

Bloody Mary

2016 trade paperback from Image Comics by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra.

Crazy, violent future-war/spy adventure about death squad assassin Corporal "Bloody" Mary Malone and her mad side-kick, the Major. It's a thinly veiled Strontium Dog, but it's still fun and gory.

Mum Got a Nokia 6.1 Plus

It's her first Android phone, so she says it's a little confusing compared to an iPhone, but she likes how the big, budget, mid-range phone sits in her hand.

Favourite Writing Tools?

What writing tools do you use? Word processor?

Me: MSWord 2003; last version without Ribbon, distraction free writing? Focus Writer. Scriptwriting? Final Draft. Outlining? TreePad Lite.

Creative Shout Outs

I tweeted that if anyone tells me what they are writing, I will retweet it. One person did, so here we go.

Adam W. (@Awashington227) said, "I'm currently working on a pilot that I've been meaning to write for years now. That and I'm polishing a feature-film script I wrote back in the day..."

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