CRRRaSh! 263 Smarty Pants

By Roy Mathur, on 2019-05-12, at 21:57:19 to 22:10:33 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Lots of Episodes

This is a short episode. I have a few geeky things to talk about, but itís mainly to tell you about the schedule for the next couple of days. Tomorrow (Monday), we're doing Game of Thrones. I said I wouldn't until the finale, but it's just too exciting. Tuesday, I'm finale returning to vintage Doctor Who with Day of the Daleks (1972).

I am so busy! How busy? Early morning: DIY landscaping, mid-morning: podcast show notes, afternoon: writing, evening: preparing eBook, night: podcast recording, editing and uploading.

If there was ever a better time to subscribe, it's now. And trust me, you'll be glad this is a short show because tomorrow's is going to be a lot longer.


2018 YouTube Premium sci-fi show about people who wake up on mysterious spaceship.

It has good ratings, but what spoiled it for me was at about minute 4; we experience the shows big reveal; he's on a centripetal ring of a spaceship... except, he's standing on the convex inner part of the ring. It's the wrong side of the ring. The sticky artificial gravity is on the opposite surface! That was it. If they couldn't even get this very simple principal of space science right, I was out. And I am out. I don't know how it is possible to make such a blunder, I really don't. If they can't do it themselves, why don't productions just hire some fusspot smarty pants fan like me to check for these mistakes?


I've been listening to sci-fi comedy podcast StarTripper!! by Julian Mundy. It's about a clerk who buys a spaceship with his life savings to hit the best tourist spots on an intergalactic adventure.

It's clearly heavily influenced by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but the star is voice actor, Ian McQuown, who really brings the main character Feston Pyxis to life.

Horrible Motion Smoothing

Having recently been gifted a big, new telly, and trying out Blue-rays for the first time (yes, I never got on that particular bandwagon), I find that motion smoothing really is horrible. On my set up it makes people look like marionettes filmed on VHS. I saw this happen on a Sherlock Homes Blue-ray and a Drag Me to Hell DVD. I have since turned this feature of the TV off.

BTW, motion smoothing is called different things by different manufacturers. On my LG, it's called TruMotion.

Tom Cruise is right. All hail Tom Cruise!

Familial Tech Support

I had to help my mum with tech support today, and boy am I totally rubbish at it.

Try helping a relative or friend over Skype. It's a recipe for conflict. It. Is. A. Nightmare.

Also, I'm not a networking guy and, man, just try helping a remote user with this stuff, especially if you have to explain. An end user shouldn't have to deal with ipconfig. Networking--I hate it. It's right up there along with printers.

I'm surprised my mum doesn't disown me after this. Sorry Mum.

Continuing Amazon Saga

Regarding racist items for sale on Amazon, I received another reply from yet another Amazon Executive Customer Relations representative, this time regarding my email to Jeff Bezos's office.

They're investigating. That's all.

But it is amazing how soon they responded after I did a podcast about their problem, compared to how little they cared previously about responding to me as an ordinary customer.