CRRRaSh! 276 Holding Pattern

By Roy Mathur, on 2019-07-18, at 20:02:10 to 20:39:50 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Holding Pattern

I know I'm behind on the Doctor Who podcasting. I have been busy with the novel and the horrendous amount of work that the garden needs. My downtime has been spent rewatching the Harry Potter movies. Stick with me though, it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, please comment. Reviews are nice, but comments and questions are the lifeblood of any podcast, including mine. That's it and now let's do a great big catch up with all that's geek.

Muggy Weather, Brexit, and the NHS

Another muggy day, another day seeing yet another locum, about the same old problems. This time the doctor was half an hour late, expected me to remember my many, many prescriptions, re-prescribed something I had already taken, and then complained that they now had too many notes to write up. I heard the current idiots in government were supposed to be tightening up on the locum racket? Oh, and remember that other thing that was supposed top make my life better in episode 272 about a month ago? I never heard back from them. I also have a cyst on my shoulder, which I can add to the skin tag that the stripped down NHS won't treat. Why doesn't one of the mainstream political parties concentrate on reversing Brexit in the next election and then fix the NHS in the one after that? Accomplish one big important thing at a time, instead of pretending you can fix them all.

Jett (2019)

Daisy "Jett" Kowalski, Carla Gugino, (get cult the Vanishing Point (1971) cult reference?) is a career criminal just out after serving a dime (5 years). Her old boss wants her to do one last job. Yeah, it's the "one last job" trope. She springs her ex and heads off to Cuba, where things go even further south. (NB/ It's difficult not to play up the 40s argot when writing about these topics. See bright boy? See?)

Where it slightly falls down is that Jett is a bit too cool. She's a crack thief, she's an organiser, she's a leader, she's jailhouse shiv ninja, she's a smoking hot femme fatale. Why? Isn't it good enough that she's a thief in navigating a neo noir pulp world? It's like they took V.I. Warshawski and turned her into underworld James Bond, like Modesty Blaise. However, where Modesty Blaise works in it's own crazy campy universe, Jett is supposedly rooted in reality. Is this what happens when you cast your wife?

And so, representation. Single mother lead, not young either, plenty of other interesting women and non-white characters too. But. But the main black guy dies in the first episode, so balance what I previously said with that. Oh, and there's a comedy Indian, so thanks for that too Sebastian Gutierrez.

Is it good? Yes. It's a rich neo noir pulp blend with a foamy head of 70s crime caper. (God, I love coffee). It's flashy, oozes sex and violence, and pulls no punches. The black clad weirdo in me also appreciates that Giancarlo Esposito plays a character called Charlie Baudelaire. Nice also to see Ally McBeal's Gil Bellows basically playing Pete Postlethwaite's Kobayashi from The Usual Suspects (1995) minus the ridiculous accent. Seriously, can you stop making Indians the butt of every single joke ever? (That's East Indians for you Americans). If you want to talk about ridiculous accents, what the hell kind of accent is Bruce Greenwood (Christopher Pike from Star Trek (2009–)) trying to pull off?

Finally, a health and safety matter. If you're a man, er, manning a barbecue, please don't do it naked unless you want a trip to A and E.

Available on Cinemax.


Season 3, and finally... Cerebro! Professor Charles Xavier! Gabrielle! Still confusing!

The Boys

Superheroes are out of control, so a bunch of CIA sponsored thugs (a death squad) is the solution in this upcoming Amazon series. It's not bad as a comic, though it's Garth Ennis level violence turns me off, which is one reason this show probably won't for me. The other reason? Karl Urban's appalling London East End accent. There's a panel where his accent is actually praised. What were they smoking?

New Look Twitter

Oh joy, Jack Dorsey, big icons on the side in desktop Twitter. What about you get rid of the Nazis?

Prime Day

And the Nazi thing goes for Jeff Bezos too. I really hoped he enjoyed my Prime Day greeting reminding him of this.

Huawei Android Update

On July 14, I saw the notification for EMUI 9.1 and Android 9 Pie. Apparently EMUI 10 and Android 10 Q will also be available later this year, and Huawei are also banging on about their Hong Meng OS despite Trump seemingly partially rolling back the embargo. And so, earlier today, I updated to Pie. The new Recorder and Camera frontend, text select magnification look good. I haven't tested it fully, but I really do hope they've speeded up the abysmal performance of the camera on my #Huawei Honor 9 Lite.

Spigen Cases

I can't vouch for all Spigen products, but the one that encases my current phone recently dropped from about a metre onto uneven hardcore. It landed on a corner and bounced, but seems undamaged.

Smart CIty RObotic Challenge

Dr Matt Studley, and some of the UWE Bristol SciRoc team, were kind enough to talk to me on the 6th of July about their very expensive TIAGo robot loaned from PAL Robotics. The robot is their entry into this competition and programmed with ROS, an open source system that originated in the now defunct Willow Garage lab. They were there to promote SciRoc (Smart CIty RObotic Challenge), which will be held in Centre:MK, Milton Keynes, UK, from September 16 to 22 2019.

Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal (2019)

Won't to get enraged (particularly by the former Conservative Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, John Gummer) and frighten yourself silly? Watch this BBC documentary about the BSE scandal. It is the reason many of us in the UK are not allowed to donate blood in other countries and are looking forward to the possibility that human vCJD may kill many more people in the future.

Horizon: The Honest Supermarket: What's Really in Our Food? (2019)

Slightly less enraging, but pretty damn well disgusting is this BBC science programme looking at what is in the food we buy and eat from the supermarket, what's actually in it, and whether it is fit to eat. Google "Lernaeocera branchialis", I haven't been able to eat fish since.

Caramel Brand Cheap Baritone Ukulele Review Part 2

In 272, I reviewed this ukulele, without plugging it into an amp. I've done that now, and it sounds good... when it works. The preamp has a mind of it's own and sometimes doesn't work, which means no sound. Yes, the pickup won't work passively, so you are up the creek. I had to stick a cheap Cherub pickup on the headstock, which defeats the point of buying an electro ukulele. It's a dud, but Caramel asked whether I wanted to try a new tuner/preamp combo. I said yes, so watch out for a future update.

Photoshopping My Novel's Cover

Now for some real creative news. The book cover is done. I have an ancient Egyptian themed shot of London with a few embellishments. Hopefully, it will convey the idea of a London adventure.

The one fly in the ointment is that I keep looking at other books of a similar genre, and they tend to have simpler, bolder covers. I'm still working on it in parallel to the final edit and formatting for Kindle. Expect updates.


Remember when they swapped the colour of salt and vinegar crisps and cheese and onion crisp packets? What marketing genius came up with that, and were they fired? Anyway, it just occurred to me the other day that the colours have reverted back to the traditional blue for salt and vinegar and green for cheese and onion. When did that happen? I don't know, but it seemed less angry to end the podcast with this trivia.