CRRRaSh! 280 Why Fi?

By Roy Mathur, on 2019-08-27, at 05:10:13 to 05:35:02 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

It's Been One of Those...

Don't know why, but I felt awful. I had a very mild sniffle recently, not even a cold. I still don't have a cold, but I am very tired and achy. Mostly achy. Ouuuch.

Splendid Days

On the other hand, whatever latest thing I have is somewhat made better by the weather recently. It cracked 30 degrees centigrade yesterday! And though I often complain about heat, this was a drier heat, so I can actually breathe and not sweat incessantly. It was a lovely day and it is again today.

Dead Undead

Gene Wilder died in 2016? Harlan Ellison died last year? Belated, possibly repeated RIPs, because who can keep up?

Peter Murphy of Bauhaus recently had a heart attack, but is alive and relatively well which is great. He stated on Instagram:

Following my recent episode in New York City with my heart attack and being admitted into Lenox Hill Hospital and seeing myself go through the rigors of intensive care, I am very happy to say that I have made a full recovery. Thanks to the superb team of doctors, specialists, nurses and care staff. I am so glad to say I am up and running again.

The Handmaid's Tale

I watched the finale of the third season of The Handmaid's Tale. It's tense and dramatic, but also very very frustrating. as it leaves us with June in exactly the same position as before. The showrunner is really milking the misery and I'm sick of it. At the end of the episode I shouted, "JUUUUUUUUUNE!"

Like the last season of The Walking Dead, this is where I bow out.


I watched season 2 of the drama loosely based on the life of the first FBI serial killer profiler John Edward Douglas.

This season is more dramatic and delves into the personal lives of characters other than the primary nerdy character Holden Ford. (Surely that name is a joke not only related to the Australian car, but also Holden Chambers from Blade Runner?) From what I recall of season 1, I enjoyed season 2 more and found it compulsive viewing. The acting is great, particularly the portrayals of the various serial killers Holden interviews.

Alan Moore Retires

The other great bard says he's done with comics.

I don't think this is the last we will hear from him. Given Moore's prodigious output, I think this really means he's slowing down to a more human pace. I certainly can't see him taking up golf.

Metallica's One

Years after first listening to Metallica's "One", I finally, somehow, Googled my way into finding what the song was about. Oh my god, I really wish I hadn't gone down that rabbit hole and, man, the video tells me more than I ever wanted to know about the horribly disturbing anti-war film Johnny Got His Gun.

If you're ready to join up, perhaps you should watch that film first.

BT Infinity Update 2

Remember the last Addendum, when I said I plugged the router into the BT master socket near the outside door and the signal seems slightly more stable? Well, I'll said slightly because every day I still lose WiFi.

I have now reported this problem twice and on both occasions BT said there was a problem outside my property---the last time they said it was probably at the exchange---and scheduled a repair. I wonder what, if anything, they did? I also wonder how BT justifies such a flaky service. Oh wait, they are a monopoly.

Does Your Phone Have Dual Band WiFi?

Mine doesn't. I found out that my Honor 9 Lite doesn't support higher speed, but shorter distance 5 GHz WiFi band, so I have now also separated the WiFi bands on my router.

These changes are only tweaks and are unrelated to WiFi unreliability, but while I was on the administration page of my router, I thought I might as well optimise the settings.

Although I was a techie once, I was not that kind of techie, so it was faff squared. I saw other settings referring to WiFi leases and DHCP, but I left those alone.

Amazon Satellites

Outdoing their Big Tech competitors Facebook and Google own satellite internet ambitions, Amazon is planning on launching over three thousand satellites to bathe even the most remote areas in world with internet access.

Before we start singing praises to the Bezos, it's not going to be free. Also, that's a lot of extra junk to add to all the other orbital scrap already up there.

The Making of Red Dwarf and Scripts

While rewatching a lot of Red Dwarf lately, I found an interesting article in The Guardian called How we made Red Dwarf. You can also read the Red Dwarf series 1 to 8 scripts on Planet Smeg, a very unofficial fansite.

And now some trivia... Did you know Red Dwarf's development stems from an earlier Radio 4 show Dave Hollins: Space Cadet starring Chris Barrie as a computer? The show was originally conceived on the back of a beer mat in the same Liverpool pub used later in the series as the place where the baby Dave Lister was found in a box under a pool table.