CRRRaSh! 285 Happy Diwali

By Roy Mathur, on 2019-10-27, at 23:29:00 to 00:34:00 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Happy Diwali

My pathetic miniature Christmas LEDs (still draped around the equally miniscule tree) doubled as Diwali lights. The neighbours didn't have the BFR fireworks this year. I don't know how to feel about that. I was jealous for about five minutes last time, but this time I missed the noise. There were fireworks in the distance though, and that punctuated my evening of ladoo, cider, and re-watching the last three episodes of New Who starring Matt Smith. Fittingly, it ended with the 2013 Christmas Special.

Rainy London

On the 12th of October, I went to London to attend dating group social event in London.

It rained and I had no hat, which triggered an endless and fruitless quest through London to find the perfect beige bucket hat.

Midway through my walk, I found an XR protest in Trafalgar Square. It was possibly the politest demonstration I have ever seen. As I walked through it, waving my phone to record and snap, people were incredibly obliging. Even the coppers looked bored.

Oh, and the social thing? Well, I was overdressed. (When did we all become so casual?) The damp shirt I wore was itchy and made me want to rip my skin off, and... my over-quirkiness went into overdrive. An example? Given the deluge and my preoccupation with hats, my brain was primed to spoil one chap's explanation of the entirely weather appropriate Yorkshire song On Ilkley Moor Bar Tat to a woman. Sorry!

Addendum: I complained to Mayor Sadiq Khan about the rain on Twitter earlier today. He has not, as yet, replied.

In the Shadow of the Moon

This is a 2019 Netflix looping time travel film about cop who tangles with a time travelling killer.

It's nothing special, but not a bad distraction for an evening's home viewing.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

This 2019 Netflix movie rounds off the Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) story. We know about about Walter White's fate, but Jesse is left in the hands of neo-Nazis at the end of the series.

I have a soft spot from the drama because it saw me though some troubling times. It was tense and absorbing throughout it's run, but, while El Camino is okay, it doesn't add anything to Breaking Bad. So much so, that if you don't watch the film, all you're missing is some well acted and shot, entertaining fanservice.

Mr. Robot

The final season of Sam Esmail's groundbreaking hacking series is currently airing on HBO.

It starts grim and stays that way, as Elliot deals with the extremely violent fallout of his relationship with Whiterose and her Dark Army.

Not the best of the series, but solid and I'm watching it anyway, as I have to see how this ends.

The Art of Self Defence

I watched The Art of Self Defence after hearing about it in a podcast. It's a quirky and very black comedy about a wimpy man who gets mugged and then mans up by joining a karate school.

If you've been in and around the martial arts world, as I was until a couple of years ago, you will immediately recognise and laugh at many of the absurd machismo driven situations in which the protagonist, Jesse Eisenberg, finds himself in.


It's not bad, it puts a minority actress literally in the driving seat, but it really seems like the Watchmen universe has been shoehorned rather clumsily into this drama that could have stood it's own ground. Oh look, there's Nite Owl's airship, or wow, fascists have started wearing Rorschach masks, and hey, Jeremy Irons is a kooky, pervy, older Ozymandias. (By the way, though I like Irons, he isn't a patch on Matthew Goode's version of the character). I also hear they're bringing back the giant squid; the weakest point of the original comic book. (Unless you ascribe to the Comedian's nihilistic view of an uncaring universe that's laughing at you. Bugger that, it's still silly).

It's okay, but the connection to Watchmen is tenuous and grating. Did the creators think a dark superhero drama led by a black woman couldn't cut it, unless they hammered the in the Watchmen franchise? That's just patronising and condescending and means creators aren't trying hard enough.

Clocks Go Back

Yet again, agriculture gets its way at 02:00 Monday. I read that, due to some Euro-directive thingy, 2021 will be that last year we have to suffer through this primitive clock change. Wait... Brexit? Yeah, but let's hope that's one of the things we stick with. I'm sick of the whole clock chaos, the semi-jet lag, and it's a headache for us podcasters too.