CRRRaSh! 303 Virus Diary

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-03-22, at 19:51:30--20:06:24 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

The Very Short(ish) Show

So that I can properly document the week from Sunday to Saturday, I owe you one more virus diary entry this week, so this is a short update of what happened on Saturday. I said short(ish ), because you never can tell what tangent I'm going to go off on.

Saturday (2020-03-21)

The government daily update spun a line about how the supermarkets have everything under control. However, when I went to the Sainsbury's registration screen, I was greeted with, "Due to the huge increase in online orders, we're pausing new registrations for the time being." I next tried Tesco where I already have an account, but could not get a delivery slot between now and the 10th of April. I also tried Click and Collect, but that yielded the same result---there were no other choices. Fantastic. I did finally managed to both register and order via Asda, but many items were out of stock, there were multiple error messages at the checkout, and I had to log back in, but eventually the transaction went through. Scalability anyone? After listening to how the government said they are sitting down with the supermarkets, I'm guessing no one in the upper echelons of government does their own shopping and are simply taking the supermarkets word that they can handle the crisis.

I went to bed exhausted and cranky from the extra work involved from sharing a house and because I'm a highly strung geek. I was supposed to play Civilisation 5 on Sunday morning, but screw that... It would be a miracle if I woke up before twelve. (I actually woke at around eleven on Sunday morning, but was as tired as when I went to sleep).

Lots More from CRRRaSh!

I'll record a weekly virus update from now on. There's also the weekly general geek show and the weekly vintage doctor who recap too. That's three shows a week to keep you going for the foreseeable future and to cheer you up during the crisis, so stay tuned.