CRRRaSh! 342 Zillionth Update

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-11-13, at 00:00:47--00:36:03 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen


A few hours ago, I woke from a nightmare, in which a great, lumpen, orange jumpsuited, maniac invades my home.

Well Done Americans

Ignore the patronising title of this item, which wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of that, as I say to you, fantastic work! Your votes propelled that awful man back to one of his horrible golf courses.

I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you on the 7th. I knew the good news, but my show notes were written a few days before the results. Out of sheer clumsiness, I did not mention it in that episode.

Let's hope this marks the beginning of the end for all right wing nutters and climate deniers.

The Great Rebranding

I'm thinking of rebranding.

I went back to my old, and very long, show title recently and suddenly dropped out of the podcast charts. So I went back to the shorter title, but I'm thinking if I'm down at the moment, maybe it's time for a rebrand.

Happy Friday the 13th Pamela Voorhees

Happy Friday the 13th 2020 to the actress Betsy Palmer (Patricia Betsy Hrunek) 19262014. She played Pamela Voorhees, the first actual murderer, in the Friday the 13th horror movies.

I know this because it was brought up by geeky movie trivia nut, Randy Meeks, in Scream, which I watched in my recent Halloween Scream marathon.

Star Trek: Discovery

Here's another thing I forgot to mention last time. They've got a Wesley Crusher.

I'm not a great fan of Wheaton's post-Trek escapades. However, I was one of the minority of fans who liked the character he played on TNG, but that's been done and I don't need another precocious kid officer.

Something new please.

Pat Mill's Spacewarp

I haven't read Pat Mill's new comic, but man, one of those stories look's a lot like Nemesis the Warlock.

Has anyone read a copy yet? If you have, let me know what you think.

Apple M1

I can't say I care that the new Apple Silicon Macs can't run Boot Camp. I'm currently running Boot Camp on my Intel Mac Mini and I've always had problems with the system freezing. Yes, even after the big reinstall in the last episode.

M1 ARM CPUs in RAM on chip means faster and more efficient, but means limited expansion. It also conveniently stops user upgrades. Apple traditionally overcharged for RAM and consumers could save money by installing it themselves. Now Apple can charge what they like.

Pi 400

This new format RPi400 encased in a keyboard is an obvious nod to the Amiga 500.

It looks good and in its kit form is a plug-in-and-play item.

The biggest downside? No 3.5 mm stereo out. What were they thinking?

Nokia 6.1 Plus

Based on my mother's problems with her phone, the latest being it is very fussy about connecting via USB, I don't recommend any of Nokia's current Android line. This problem has been widely reported with no solutions forthcoming. Shame on you Nokia and HMD Global.

If you're having problems with USB in general, bypass your hub and plug straight into your computer's built-in USB ports.

Amazon Basics USB Hubs are Pants

...Which brings me to the next thing. Remember those shiny black, good looking, bargain basement Amazon Basics 10-port USB hubs? Mine are failing and, surprise surprise, you can't find them on Amazon anymore.

USB and Bluetooth are Pants

Thanks for nothing Compaq, DEC, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NEC, and Nortel (according to Wikipedia), and also Apple for so heavily promoting it.

Can I also add how much I hate Bluetooth?

Begone, foul protocols!

The Horus Box: Zillionth Update

A few weeks ago, Charlie Brooker retweeted a tweet from his own literary agent. In it, she said she was open for submissions.

I just so happened to see the tweet by luck recently. When I did, I almost immediately submitted because I'm a writer and why would I not?

This will be my 46th submission and the reason I have temporarily pulled the Kindle version of The Horus Box Kindle from Amazon.