CRRRaSh! 395 A Demon to Torment Authors

By Roy Mathur, on 2021-07-12, at 23:05:17--23:39:47 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Freedom Day

Wimbledon and Wembly? Looks like the only thing that's coming home this year is huge upsurge in Covid-19 infections of males... Hmmm, I wonder why? The WHO has also been heavily critical of the UK, and once again my country is the laughing stock of the world.

On a personal front, there are bills flying at me like Owls from the Ministry. Particulars irksome is one due to an error from British Telecom for GBP 800+, which, after days of phone calls and promises that the matter is settled, is still unresolved. The last BT apparatchik swore blind he'd call me, so of course he didn't. Bang up job BT. Bang up. Amazing... In the 80s, Margaret Thatcher promised great efficiency after privatisation and not a thing has changed. Crap before. Crap after. British Gas? Crap before. Crap after, etc. Kenneth Baker was in charge of the transition of BT. He's the Baron of Dorking now. How apt.

I could go on like this all night, however, I said last week that this pod is not going to be a misery cast. So, aside from a few snide and unfortunately highly accurate remarks about the idiots who run things, I will no longer dwell on the fact that the planet is hurtling towards doomsday... too much.

Culture? What Culture?

Because of how busy I have been in the last few days, there has been precious little time for geekly consumption, so I don't envision this being a long pod, but we'll see what happens tonight.

I've scribbed some extra stuff on a scrap of paper and we'll wing it. Like an owl. Terwoo!

Dentistry Tools

Follow-up: I'm now using all the tools, not just the chisel. With the help of a little limescale remover, and with minimal elbow grease using the tools, I cleaned limescale from my showerhead and toilet, as well as the taps.

There was also a nasty brown stain, apparently oxidation, at the bottom of the toilet bowl. I tried vinegar, as per the internet sages, to no avail.

I also managed to prick myself. After scrutinising the sinisterly shaped instruments, and having some practice wielding them, my fear of the dentist is developing into a full-blown phobia.

The Horus Box

I started a last re-check of my novel The Horus Box using the free version of Grammarly. It seems to catch errors my beta reader and I missed. Though some of the suggestions were off, it is certainly better than Microsoft Word's proofing tools.

You may have noticed that the book has gone from Amazon. That was because I was submitting to a new batch of literary agents. None were interested and I've now waited a decent interval, it's time to re-publish.

As well as re-proofing, I'm working on new cover art. I am thinking about getting some print-on-demand copies too (only thinking about it because ISBNs are not cheap) and I'm setting up an inprint for my work because I've tried long enough going the route of traditional publishing via literary agents. I suppose they're too busy doing bugger-all to bring indies like me into the fold of mainstream publishing. You'd have thought with the pandemic people would be buying more books. I certainly have been, but who the hell knows the tortuous ways and machinations of the publishing business? Pazuzu? Pah! It would not surprise me if those ancient and clever Mesopotamians had invented a demon specifically to torment authors.

And if you do not listen, then the hell with you!---Conan the Barbarian, 1982

Missing Opportunities

I said I was applying for jobs, but applying for one per day, as I said I would, is difficult as creative jobs are few and far between.

Frustratingly, I keep missing opportunities by days. BBC Writer's Room, iHeartRadio, I somehow keep missing the boat. Regarding the iHeartRadio opporunity, I thought to myself, soddit, and hit them up on Reddit. I mean what do I have to lose?

I don't know the wisdom of this, but maybe you can do the same, otherwise you'll be whining to Uncle Owen about how it'll be "a whole 'nother year."

Such a Long To Do List

Not just of things to do IRL (so, so, so many of them), but in the pod. Books I haven't reviewed mainly. And a DnD campaign that I haven't talked about yet too.

Stay with me nerdlings.

Geek Dreams

The day after this pod, i.e. now at 2021-07-13 08:45:52, here's the addendum.

I had a fleeting nightmare daydream about losing all my teeth a few minutes ago. Yes, yes; powerlessness, frailty, and not brushing one's teeth, no doubt.

That was countered by a lovely abstract dream I had a few days ago about appreciating, rearranging, and photographing my geek toys. Given the general pessimism of this podcast, that purports not to be a misery cast, the sweet dream was a portent of good things to come.

Except, later this morning I still have to do battle with British Telecom over that bloody bill. Again. And again. And again...

Later that same morning (2021-07-13), yet another BT billing advisor started the process of reversing the charge. Therefore, this episode will be released on 2021-07-17, less I incur the wrath of BT before the matter is settled. Fingers crossed. Saga or wot?! 2021-07-15 00:20:03