CRRRRS 441 Tempus Observat Non Geek

By Roy Mathur, on 2022-05-24, at 23:37:15--00:22:18 BST, for Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Sorry I'm Late...

...but I'm back because tempus observat non geek.


After destroying myself with some mild gardening, it evident that I am so, so unfit.

But I also recently discovered something about me. When I was a child, I was diagnosed as "hyperactive" and doped up to the gills like a zombie halibut. After checking my symptoms on the NHS and CDC websites, I don't think I am hyperactive at all. In 2016, I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, and definitely know for a fact I have OCD, but not ADHD. I think the confusion started in the late 2000s, when I my depression was treated with Prozac and that did make me a little manic.

It's like that year I forgot my birthday, convinced myself I was a year older than I was, then got the best birthday present, when I found out I was a year younger. In my typically convoluted way, I'm saying that it is good news.

Regarding Tourette; allergy season (leaves rubbing against me mainly), stress, and exercise is causing a spike in symptoms. For example, unpleasant tics, like grating my tongue against my teeth, so I have a sore tongue. While we're talking Tourette, I would like to say to media I've reached out to in the past, they should occasionally interview neuroatypical (the nomenclature has changed, apparently, I'm now neurodiverse) people who are not all sweetness and light. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the way I am, but I'm not deluded enough never to entertain thoughts that my like could be easier without it.

Acid reflux is something I still content with and has indirectly given me bedsores. There are pressure sores on my elbow from cranking myself upright to avoid acid flowing upwards.

Another Death in the Family

My Parisian aunty died on Sunday. She was in her 70s.

I've talked about my many happy visits to her home many times before in this pod. We are all in mourning. Rest in peace, Uma Peeroo.


Released in March and streaming last week (2022-05-19), we can finally talk about the latest Marvel superhero to hit the silver screen. Dr. Michael Morbius MD PhD, AKA the Living Vampire, is a bit of a Marvel b-list superhero, who's introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 101 (1971).

Actual weirdo Jared Leto, who is, of course, absolutely not in any way whatsoever any kind of real-life cult leader, plays the title role. He is a Nobel scientist afflicted with a rare blood condition, rendering him weak, and partially crippled. He develops a drug synthesised from vampire bats, which cures him, but its side-effects include superhuman powers and an unquenchable thirst for human blood. A battle between him and billionaire childhood friend and benefactor ensue, when the friend (Matt Smith) surreptitiously steals the drug and becomes a murderous maniac.

The story was very very high concept and obvious and utterly boring.

The makeup was rough for a modern film of the supposed non-schlock variety, particularly Matt Smith's. Coupled with Smith's hokey moves and costumes, he looked as if he belonged in a Lon Chaney Jr movie. The FX were enjoyable however, and I liked the logic of vampire flight through simply being very light and very strong. In that, I was somewhat reminded of the great first Blade movie. (A pre-Feige, but still excellent, Marvel movie I totally forgot to mention in 434).

Much as Jared Leto may possibly be some kind of creepy weirdo in real life, I think, if you ignore the Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and House of Gucci (2021) fiascos, he is generally a fine actor. Yes, even as the Joker in Suicide Squad (2016). He does a good job here too, though I'm not sure the drastic weight fluctuations were entirely necessary. Screw the Method, and maybe just act?


Parents and little girl are on the run from a ruthless US government project to enhance psychic powers---telekinesis, telepathy, and pyrokinesis---in an this second adaptation of Stephen King's 1980 novel; a horror take on the CIA's Project MKUltra.

It's boring and all the action takes place in the last half hour. In that last half hour, our exhausted and traumatised child heroine, somehow makes it from god-knows-where in the boonies to the belly of the beast (DSI), on a stolen kid's bicycle.

She gets that bike in a very 80s scene featuring some kids in suburbia. The Stranger Things effect? Perhaps that's unfair, as Firestarter was published in 1980.

At least they cast Rainbird as a native American (Michael Greyeyes) this time, instead of very white George C. Scott (1984) or even whiter Malcolm McDowell (2002). But the character flipping from an appalling human being to saviour at the end was tonally atrocious. Like in Halo (439), the protagonist, little Charlie, seemingly forgives Rainbird, the antagonist, for murdering her mother. What the hell is going on? Also, sadistic Rainbird comically reminded me of pervy Horst from After Hours (1985).

Zac Efron's about the only good actor in the movie. What a disappointment. If there was a film that ever needed a reboot, it's this one. Now I'm worried about the Salem's Lot reboot of the 70s TV show starring David Soul. I thoroughly enjoyed the original, though I was not allowed to watch its first broadcast, and had to listen to my fellow young peers spoil it for me.

Mr horror auteur himself/sinister synth soundtrack wizard, John Carpenter (and family) supplied the soundtrack. I flattered him thoroughly in 440, but here I think the music is too heavy on the too obvious thumping heartbeat drum.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

I'd just like to add to what I said in 440. Not only is the show great, but so far there's no overbearing, overarching story arc. What a relief! Of course, that could change. Please don't change. Remain gloriously episodic.

I also mentioned how likeable Nurse Christine Chapel is, even if she is annoyingly google-eyed over Spock; something that originates in TOS, and also the books and novels of TOS. I'm guessing the original series actress, the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Chapel, the computer, Number One, Lwaxana Troi, and the Great Bird of the Galaxy's partner), would appreciate and enjoy the new portrayal by Jess Bush. (Trivia: Majel Barrett-Roddenberry paid for her and Gene's remains to be shot into space).

Rick and Morty

I can't remember if I've already discussed this, but I've now watched until the end of season 5 when rick does his whole passive aggressive two crows samurai thing, and I enjoyed it mostly.

The gross out disgusting humour is okay, but gets a little wearing over time, and detracts from the show's very clever writing and wit. Maybe that's just me or my age.


Again I can't remember if I've discussed this before, but I watched right through to the end of the season five finale, which ends with Gotham being reintegrated into the United States and the main players staring off into the distance, Babylon 5 style.

I felt the final season was a little baggy and stretched out for no good reason, but I enjoyed watching the Penguin and Riddler's escapades. Robin Lord Taylor has always been a fantastic Penguin---the breakout star of Gotham---far better than Colin Farrell's Penguin in the latest film, The Batman, discussed in 434. Cory Michael Smith's Riddler, is absolutely brilliant this season as he tries to heal his fractured mind.

The Antisocials

Remember the Facebook lockout debacle? Um, I might not have been locked out of Facebook. I might have forgotten my login name. Ahem.

Let me tell you, a week of being back on the socials has reminded me how much I despise the popularity contest it is. People might scoff and say, isn't podcasting the same? No, it is creative, not a schmooze at someone else's pool party. I'll participate minimally on the anti-socials because I have too, but I'd rather be writing, taping, playing my banjolele, or finding a Mrs Captain.

Paypal's Slight Delay in Payments

In order to accept tips from listeners, I signed up with PayPal again. I got an email a day later saying, to which I responded (pp.):

Hello PayPal @AskPayPal @PayPalUK

I got an email from you saying:

"As long as no claims are raised by the buyer or any issues arise with your account, the money will be released automatically in 213503982315473 days."

Do you realise that is 584942417303 years?

Someone forgot a decimal place.