CRRRRS 458 A Belated Happy Birthday to Me

By Roy Mathur, on 2022-10-04, at 22:59:58--23:23:35 BST, for Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Happy Birthday Me

A rather belated happy birthday to me episode!

I premiered my Hellfire club t-shirt because apparently that is a day for new clothes according to Mum.


I'm always sick with something; this time I thought it was COVID-10. It wasn't, just some bug my Dad brought home. Daaad!


Feeling like crap physically was why I was away from your ears, but I'm back now. I'm still feeling crappy, but I'm back anyway. So... onwards.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Light, funny superhero drama, starring Tatiana Maslany, as Bruce Banner's cousin also afflicted with the Hulk superpower, except she does it well, doesn't lose control, and looks amazing.

Enjoyable show with Tatiana Maslany chewing up the scenery.


Pre-doomed Cassian Andor's backstory is dark and absorbing. It begins as a sort of The Lord of the Flies situation played out by children on a desolate planet before he is picked up by a roguish, but kindly starship captain.

We also see everyday drudgery on the outskirts of the Empire, Cassian's home, as well as the resistance fermenting at the centre of the galaxy on Coruscant and Senator Mon Mothma's involvement.

As someone who has worked as a security officer, I thought the portrayal of private security as Keystone cop-like bumbling idiots accurate.

I am watching it and enjoying it as sci-fi, but also because I enjoy spy dramas in general. For example, the depiction of Andor's recruitment as an asset by Skarsgard seems realistic. This sort of scenario is closer to a John Le Carre novel than most screen spy dramas I have seen, yet this is in sci-fi! Well done, script room! And Cassian Andor really is the perfect spy: a really clever, greedy, ruthless, and murderous thief, who also hates the Empire.

I'm really enjoying the show, but finding it difficult to truly like either the protagonist or any of the other characters, but then I think that's the point. It makes James Bond films like quaint and happy; even the Daniel Craig ones. If you like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, you'll like this.

Kermit Rainbow Connection Lego Minifig

When was the last time we talked about toys? Years?

Anyway, feeling down a little before my birthday, I bought the Kermit Rainbow Connection Lego Minifig. Officially: LEGO 71033 Minifigure Muppets Series: Kermit The Frog Minifigure

As with all minifigs sourced from those mystery bags, I had to pay over the odds for, but not too much, for this specific figure, wich is part of The Muppets collection.

The figure comes with a banjo and rainbow piece and is obviously in memory of Kermit's performance of The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie in 1979.

It currently has pride of place atop the JAM Audio Bluetooth speaker in my bedroom that looks a like a ruggedised tomato. It is particularly wonderful when heavy metal pours out the speak and vibrates little Kermit into a rocking frog.

It is delightful, I love it, it did its job cheering me up, and it is so very much cheaper than therapy or anti-depressants.

KHS Manhattan Flyer Cruiser Bicycle

Not too long before this episode, even though it was dark and my little LEDs barely cast any light in the park, I went for a preshow ride on my old beach cruiser bicycle.

Technically not a toy, but my bright red, slightly worse for wear, retro-style cruiser bicycle is hardly fit for the lycra brigade.

I've told you about the bike I bought in Vancouver and has jetted all over the world bike before, but here's the odd thing: since it's recent tyre repair, at an extremely nearby and decent bike shop, I have actually been riding it every day; sometimes even twice a day. Like Kermit, it is an activity that is bolstering my mood.

Why can't we easily get these relaxed, laid-back, and extremely cool bicycles in the UK? I'm sure they would sell like hot cakes.

It's nice having a bicycle, even a cheap one.

Google Calendar

Thanks to me adding the Hindu calendar to my Google Calendar, fairly non-religious me made the mistake of pointing out to my fairly religious mother how many events she was missing. Cue, a sudden surge in guilt and cultural activities at home. What have I done?

Anyway, the point is, if you're interested in keeping up with important dates in your culture, Google Calendar can do that. As well as the Hindu stuff, I have, of course, manually added all the important geek days of personal relevance to me, like Star Wars Day, etc.

Back, Back

Like I said, I'm back, so expect two shows per week, including the classic Doctor rewatch, beginning next week.