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Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocketship ride! Blast off! Whoosh! From the back room of Altair City Spaceport's Rocket Tavern, the Captain discusses science fiction, fantasy, and horror; books, comics, movies, TV, games, toys, and whatever catches his art, music, and tech mad fancy. The UK podcast for the culture geek, technology nerd, and creative wizard is produced using alien technology, eldritch powers, and caffeinated beverages, since a summer night in 2012 fuelled by two double gin and tonics.


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Ahoy matey! Best ye visit, which be me Davey Jones' Locker of MP3s. Arghhh! And yes, I am fully aware of how annoyingly faux piratey that is, even to me, but I can't stop. Blame Robert Newton.


This podcast and my whole online prescence is maintained on a minus shoestring budget. As well as hosting, domain fees, and the equipment, the time involved is substantial.

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Namaste. Congratulations, you've agreed be a guest, paid only with good karma (after all, I'm not the BBC). Now what?

You will need a decent microphone, a good internet connection, a quiet space, and I will require your undivided attention. The guest spot will be cancelled if good sound is not obtainable. Alternatively, you can visit the studio.

Please publicise your participation via, at the very least, social media and word-of-mouth. If at all possible, also consider semaphore.

Past guests:

173 Steven Sterlacchini and Stephen Green Filmmakers: Judge Minty and Search/Destroy: A Strontium Dog Fan Film

129 Richard Mason Fellow 2000 AD fan and electronics nerd

105, 106, 107, 110, 112, 117, 119, 122, 127, 131, 134, 160 Tom Walton musician

99 Sophie Aldred Ace actress in Doctor Who, Tree Fu Tom, and singer

98 Huw Collingbourne Technology journalist for Computer Shopper and PC World, and author

96 Shayne T. Wright Indie science fiction, horror, and techno thriller author.

84 Christopher Fowler Author: Roofworld, Psychoville etc.

82 Dave Strand Indie audio interactive fiction games developer

81 Chris Townsend Actor

79 Dean Motter Artist and writer: Mister X etc.

78 Anthonia Ngozi Beddall TV producer, and Alpha Indie filmmaker

70 Pierre Drolet Emmy award winning CGI modeller: BSG, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise, and Star Trek: Nemesis

68 Kitty Horrorshow Indie games developer

64, 69 Andy RobbActor and author of the Geekhood series

13, 14, 17 Scott Grandison Developer and podcaster


Although I'd opt for a rather more cavalier pick'n'mix approach, because linear time is just so passé, I appreciate some may want to listen to the classic media I talk about in the proper order. To do that, please refer to the pod's episode number in the left-hand column.

Doctor Who 1963 to 1989 by Sydney Newman et al for the BBC

I enjoy New Who (Doctor Who 2005–), but grew up watching and loving Old Who (Doctor Who 1963–1989). However, I wasn't born when the series began in 1963, my family didn't even own a television until the early 70s, and while repeat broadcasts enabled me to catch up with some stories I initially missed, it seems inevitable that I may have skipped a few during its exceedingly long run.

And so (Omega knows what possessed me), in 2014 I decided to rewatch the entirety of Old Who and tape my thoughts on each story. At the time of writing, I've been doing this for so long that I've renamed the rewatch several times (the preceding official title was The Mammoth Sessions—because it sounded metal and mammoths are cool), changed the planned schedule (schedule? What schedule? Don't make me laugh), and succumbed to long hiatuses, ennui, and sulks. Despite these setbacks, I have been rewatching the 1963–1989 show in chronological order... like a madman.

First Doctor William Hartnell
Season 1 1963 to 1964
33 An Unearthly Child
34 The Daleks
35 The Edge of Destruction
35 Marco Polo
36 The Keys of Marinus
37 The Aztecs
38 The Sensorites
38 The Reign of Terror

Season 2 1964 to 1965
39 Planet of Giants
39 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
39 The Rescue
40 The Romans
40 The Web Planet
42 The Crusade
43 The Space Museum
44 The Chase
45 The Time Meddler

Season 3 1965 to 1966
47 Galaxy 4
48 Mission to the Unknown
49 The Myth Makers
50 The Daleks' Master Plan
52 The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve
53 The Ark
54 The Celestial Toymaker
55 The Gunfighters
55 The Savages
55 The War Machines

Season 4 1966 to 1967
57 The Smugglers
58 The Tenth Planet
Second Doctor Patrick Troughton
67 The Power of the Daleks
74 The Highlanders
75 The Underwater Menace
76 The Moonbase
80 The Macra Terror
83 The Faceless Ones
87 The Evil of the Daleks

Season 5 1967 to 1968
90 The Tomb of the Cybermen
90 The Abominable Snowmen
92 The Ice Warriors
93 The Enemy of the World
124 The Web of Fear
124 Fury from the Deep
126 The Wheel in Space

Season 6 1968 to 1969
128 The Dominators
132 The Mind Robber
137 The Invasion
144 The Krotons
152 The Seeds of Death
158 The Space Pirates
159 The War Games

Third Doctor Jon Pertwee
Season 7 1970
177 Spearhead from Space
182 Doctor Who and the Silurians
199 The Ambassadors of Death
206 Inferno

Season 8 1971
237 Terror of the Autons
241 The Mind of Evil
246 The Claws of Axos
248 Colony in Space
250 The Daemons

Season 9 1972
265 Day of the Daleks
271 The Curse of Peladon
273 The Sea Devils
274 The Mutants
275 The Mutants
277 The Time Monster

Season 10 1972 to 1973
282 The Three Doctors
287 Carnival of Monsters
290 Frontier in Space
294 Planet of the Daleks
299 The Green Death

Season 11 1973 to 1974
308 The Time Warrior
314 Invasion of the Dinosaurs
315 Invasion of the Dinosaurs
318 Death to the Daleks
320 The Monster of Peladon
321 Planet of the Spiders

Fourth Doctor Tom Baker
Season 12 1974 to 1975
324 Robot
327 The Ark in Space
329 The Sontaran Experiment
330 Genesis of the Daleks
332 Revenge of the Cybermen

Season 13 1975 to 1976
336 Terror of the Zygons
338 Terror of the Zygons
343 Planet of Evil
345 Pyramids of Mars
347 The Android Invasion
350 The Brain of Morbius
351 The Seeds of Doom

Season 14 1976 to 1977
367 The Masque of Mandragora
370 The Hand of Fear
371 The Deadly Assassin
373 The Face of Evil
375 The Robots of Death
380 The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Season 15 1977 to 1978
384 Horror of Fang Rock
388 The Invisible Enemy
390 Image of the Fendahl

Blake's 7 1978 to 1981 by Terry Nation et al for the BBC

Seasons 1 to 4


Meet our capable crew cruising the space lanes of imagination:

Ably assisted by:

1, 2, 3 "The Triplets of Evil". Take that Hammer Films!


I started this solo podcast in 2012 because there was very little that encompassed the broad range of the UK geek experience and if I didn't have anything to listen to, I'd damn well punk rock/DIY/Why Don't You it myself. Not only that, but, as a shy geek, have you ever felt you couldn't get a word in edgeways in a conversation about the vitally important issue of the exact shade of Captain America's blue tights? Yeah, me too, so this is my way of saying exactly what I want about whatever the hell I like... uninterrupted. It also eventually replaced my long defunct blog, Boldly Voyaging the Multiverse: Probably the Best Nerd Blog in the Multiverse, replicating and expanding the posts and delivering the same content in an audio format.

Although based in the UK, the show is taped in whatever random place life takes me, including hotels, cars etc. At one stage, it relocated to Mauritius, where I was the technology columnist for a national newspaper, the Independent Daily. In fact, the show and the blog actually helped me get that gig.

The title of the show is currently Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show. In reverse chronological order, the show has also been called Roy's Geek Broadcast, Roy.Pod, Roy's Rocket Radio, neRRRdcast, and Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show. You may find some podcast syndication sites still calling the show by one of these deprecated names.

Why Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show? Other than a ridiculous taste for alliteration, let me explain. "Captain Roy" is partly because I sail, but mainly because of Captain Han Solo. Also, though far less flatteringly, when I first started to sail my parents called me Captain Pugwash. Finally, there's the unfortunate resemblance of the words "Captain Roy" to "Captain Ron", another terrible sailor played by Kurt Russell in the titular 1992 film. "Rocket" is because science fiction is my first geek love. "Radio", because I originally wanted to be a rock radio DJ like the late great Tommy Vance. And "Show", because the show must go on, and as Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) says in Bob Fosse's All that Jazz (1979), "It's showtime, folks!"


Bearing in mind that my recording set up and equipment is subject to frequent change, this is how I generally make the pod:

Crazily, I only started keeping the raw audio since 2020-11-24, and final hires mix since 2021-05-25.

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