CRRRaSh! 310 Virus Diary

By Roy Mathur 2020-04-08 04:01:58–04:32:15 BST


Home life is tense. On the bright side, we seem to be slowly adapting to each other's annoyances. Three adults, very set in their ways in one house? That's a sitcom.

National news reports some supermarket delivery or click and collect slots available (and corresponding rapid rise in employment for delivery drivers etc.). I tried Asda, Tesco, Iceland, Co-Op etc., but found no slots, no clicks, and little increase in employment in my county (Buckinghamshire).

I also recently read that a nearby ice rink (Planet Ice in Milton Keynes) had been re-purposed as an emergency mortuary, should the need arise---let's hope it doesn't.

The government keeps irritating me by turning the updates into a boastful advertisement for the Tory party.

There has also been much speculation about the health of the PM, Boris Johnson. I'm not a fan of his), but if anyone overseas is curious, I'm sure he'll pull through. The man has waited his entire life to be the PM, so he's at least mentally motivated to fight the virus.

This week we're mostly talking virus-related topics, but straying also into geekdom both because I'm a geek, and also because we could all do with the respite from talking about something entirely different.

Oh my elder gods, the black hearted captain is lightening up.

Tuesday 2020-04-07

I found out a week late, because the only way you would know is if you just so happened to stumble over the recycling website at exactly the right time, that the council have stopped collecting garden waste (green bin). That seems insane, given that we are supposed to stay at home in this weather, and gardening might be a creative distraction and safe source of exercise for us. However, mass absence through sickness has suddenly gripped Serco. Apparently many councils are following this course. Neighbourhood Watch Chap told me he had been instructed to put the waste into black bags destined for landfill. And, before you ask, no I can't take it to the dump as all are closed to the public. Splendid news for the environment. I did at least enjoy a chat with Neighbourhood Watch Chap; the first person I have spoken to at length, other than my parents, for weeks. It is also the first sign of any community spirit I have seen for quite a while.

Social distancing is still a joke. I went to Tesco and outside, under the gaze of staff, customers complied. But inside and down the aisles a good 50% ignored the rules. One inch is not the two metre minimum! And why? I don't know. The shelves do now seem well-stocked, so my previous foreboding prediction of shortages were wrong. I think some people are just impatient and don't care about their fellow humans. I was so stressed, I only did half my shopping. The reason for the stress is logical. I have older parents who are more more vulnerable than the general population to Covid-19, and are also relying on me not to get sick. The point is, like many others, one careless stranger could condemn my whole family to death. On my way out I asked a member of staff and was told that they can't enforce the rule and it's up to me to protect myself. When I say I asked a member of staff, what I actually said was, "Social distancing is bollocks, isn't it?" Thanks a lot Tesco. Addendum---Tesco have since reached out and said they will, "try to ensure these policies are being followed from now on".

Drag Me to Hell

We've talked about this great brothers Raimi horror film about karma biting you in the arse before, but I just wanted to add that it now has my parents seal of approval. Though afterwards my father jet-propelled himself to his room and slammed the door behind him.

Sauerbraten 2

I recently revisited an old favourite from the Cube series of Quake-a-likes, and that is an FPS called Sauerbraten 2. It is absolutely therapeutic to virtually shoot strangers in the face. (If you're reading this text, this was a last minute item I added to the very end of the recording).

Terrible Squirrel Snappers: Huawei Honor 9 Lite and Nokia 6.1 Plus

And here's the soft news feel good bit. This afternoon my mother pointed out an amazingly athletic squirrel, through my studio window, hanging by it's feet like a trapeze artist as it guzzled down tree blossoms.

Now here's the tech angle. In a long-term use update, I'm astonished at how bad the pictures were from my Huawei Honor 9 Lite and how abysmally slow my mother's Nokia 6.1 Plus was to react. Mr or Mrs Squirrel, thus, sadly remains only in our squidgy brain matter.

Space, the Final Frontier...

Look, there are lot's of pods spouting home working, home schooling tips, or garden bloody Yogic levitation or whatever, but the secret of surviving enforced confinement? For god's sake, let's give each other some space and try to stay out of each other's hair.

This is Not the End, Beautiful Friend

I no longer intend documenting each day, but I will update you occasionally through a Virus Diary segment in the usual weekly geek cast. It's too depressing having a pod that's only about this horrible, and hopefully, temporary setback in the course of humanity. We'll make it through this nerdlings, and look out for a Titanic-sized boatload of geek is steaming towards you full speed ahead.