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About this Podcast

Greetings nerdlings and welcome to the second episode of Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show. What's it all about? Everything nerdy! Movies, comics, books, games, toys, tech and nerdlife in general.

This podcast minimally edited because I'm lazy and don't want to spend three days editing. It's also funnier if I leave in the sounds of me falling off a chair or being attacked by burglars. So, sorry about all the "ums", "ahems" etc... Also, if the aliens invade and I need to prepare the attack rocket, you'll probably want to know that for reasons of public safety if nothing else.

About Me

I'm a part-time British/Mauritian/Canadian writer and I currently I write a tech column on Mondays for the Independent Daily, Mauritius. If you want to read it, just check out the links on my webpage at

This Week's Podcast

So, although I'm still finding my feet with this podcasting malarkey, I'm kind of settling into a regular(ish) show format, roughly consisting of personal news, then some regular segments where I try to cover the whole spectrum of nerd media.

And so it Begins!

I am still looking for a house, a job, etc. in the UK and I'm running out of time as we've only got this horrendous, bug infested Hell-hole of a rental house until the end of October.

I'm panicking a bit, because the job situation here is, well not optimal, especially in the media.

What Else?

The family Millennium Falcon/Batmobile broke down. We bought the 2nd hand PT Cruiser deluxe model, but still pretty cheap, a few months ago in lieu of haemorrhaging money with a hire car. But Anyway after some very expensive new brakes it's now ready for the Kessel run again.

The Boat

Re-cap, bought a bought for 250 earth, quids and since it's spent 20 years + in a garden in Guildford. So I drenched it in extra thick Domestos and power-washed it for what seems like many, many times, but is probably only four times. Most of the gunk and filthy water is out now. I've managed to get most of the fungus growth out too.

If you think that's bad, when I first got it there was a tree growing in it. A tree! Anyhow, now I can at least sit/lie in there and scrub at the inside coach top, that's the cabin's ceiling, a bit like Michaelangelo in reverse. That means I'll be removing crud from the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Eh. Sort of thing.

Oh and I've lost my beard. No not in the washing or anything, but after a painful allergic reaction to L'Oreal dye, I had to shave it off. Predictably I'm being told I look better, but since my inner self-image is that of an Asiatic Captain Haddock, I'll reserve judgement. Still, my face and especially my mouth is a bit sore, so sorry if I sound even worse than usual. One effect of this is that my online avatar that I use in everything no longer looks like me! But, I'm not going to change it because it's used in too many places. Who'd ever thought that it would come to this? Worrying about your online avatar

This weeks it's mainly film, but next time we'll have a more varied show. Still that does mean plenty of exciting audio trailers this week.

Incidentally, you are not going to get an objective or sometimes even a fair opinion about anything here as this isn't really journalism. It's all my personal opinion because I am a columnist and not a journalist. There, now you know the difference between journalists and columnists. It took me a few months to work that one out myself.

Anyway the podcast, blog and everything else I produce under the Boldly Voyaging the Multiverse umbrella is the geek/nerd media/pop culture extension of my newspaper tech column.

Oh, and one last thing before we get on with the show, expect guests soon. Very very soon. Just not this week. So here we go!

The Hobbit

The Hobbit movie's comming out around Christmas, well the 14 December according to IMDB, let's roll the trailer and then I'll harp on about everything I'm not going to like about it.


Tolkien wrote a few short stories, but The Hobbit was his first novel and led onto The Lord of the Rings, consisting of three books: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King

Now while The Hobbit book is short and sweet, Peter Jackson stretched the forthcoming movie version of The Hobbit out to three movies. I was first suprised to hear it would be a two-parter, but now that we know it's going to be a trilogy...? Wouldn't be about money now would it? Oh boy, stretching a shortish kids book into 3 mammoth, movies. Superman... hum. Slower than a moving glacier. You know there's this town just west of the Shire and nestled east of the Tower Hills, I think it's called, hmmm let me look it up... yes here it is, it's called Little Snoring.

Even though I am a Tolkien aficionado I'm not going to watch this one in the cinema. I'll be happy to wait for the video release. Who has the time to invest in this latest trilogy? So, not only are there again no brown Hobbits for me to moan about in this movie, but just to drive the point home, he's going to remind me of this fact through three horrendously long movies. You see, not only will there be three movies, but each movie will be longer than the saga of Beowulf. I think Peter Jackson might be a really hairy orc and I can say this guilt-free because A/ I'm a space pirate. Arghhh! And I'm also now beardless. Are pirates allowed to be beardless. Write in and let me know.

Oh and another thing I'm not going to like. From the clips, the dwarves look handsome in a very human way. They are not at all like John Rhys-Davies' Gimli in the Lord of the Rings movies. They do not look like they could stand a night of carousing, drinking and violent axe-work.

The Possession

The Possession is out in a couple of days on the 30th of August, in fact, here's the trailer:


Jeffery Dean Morgan (the Comedian from Watchmen) stars in this and basically it's a spook film about a haunted box thingy that a little girl picks up at a garage sale. I might see this one at the flicks because it just looks grainy and a bit old-fashioned in a way that might engage me.


Elysium is out next year, roll trailer:


Yes, more dystopian goodness, but this time from District 9 director Neil Blomkamp; so more socially concious filmmaking with really big guns. I am going to watch this movie. There I've said it. Matt Damon and Jodie Foster are in this one too, so Blomkamp's finally bringing star power to a his second major movie.

Berberian Sound Studio

Finally, Berberian Sound Studio, starring Toby Jones. Roll trailer!


Since I saw the trailer for this a couple of weeks back and the subsequent FilmFour interview with Jones, I've been itching to see this, at the cinema too, not just a vid night.

As you know if you read my blog, I do appreciate a bit of Italian gialloesque type movies and comics. "Giallo" is Italian for "yellow" and refers to the viloent pulp comics of the 60s and can be seen in obscure films like Diabolik and Satantik and the work of uber-meister of horror Dario Argento. And I'm not saying that just because I fancy his daughter Asia either. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll probably be going to see this too.

And Finally...

I hope you enjoyed this week's show.

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See you next time!

LLAP, MTFBWY and chek sa tek.