CRRRRS S1 E5 Curepipe

By Roy Mathur, on 2012-12-02, at 22:00:00 to 22:38:10 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Canterbury House Buy

Fell through. Too many dodgy things to sort out.

Just a tip to buyers who aren't rich; be careful if the vendors know you are desperate!


3 books, progressing, but not as a fast as I'd like.

I got stuck on the science for one of my novels, when it occurred to me that, while I've read thousands of sci-fi books, I often don't pay enough attention. That's going to be the subject of a later spot in the show.

Back to Searching for Property

Actually, if you any of you people own a field or something within 20 miles of London and don't mind renting out a field for a caravan for the summer next year, please let me know, as I need somewhere to pitch up while I start looking for property again.

For those who think it easy living in the UK, or even in the south of the UK, hope you are listening!

Any Actual Good News?

Actually... eh... if you are African, the news here is that the war in the Congo is hotting up, which sort of makes my nerding on about books, comics, movies, etc., either really shallow or really, really important.

Why? Okay, so first off, while this podcast started off in the UK, I am now back in one of my countries, i.e. Mauritius, which is of course, part of Africa, politically speaking.

The trouble is, there are only two types of news that the West seems to be interested about when it comes to Africa. One: anything involving hideous death as in wars, famine, or genocides. Or, two: pictures of tourists having a great time and buying damn beads!

Well, let me tell you, there are other things here, including a whole continent of nerds playing computer games, worrying about what the next Batman movie reboot will be like and, utterly gadget crazy.

And not just the elite earners either. Take, for example, Kelvin Doe, who's story has gone viral recently. This 15 year-old from Sierra Leone built his own FM radio station from GARBAGE. See the link in the show notes. Or just Google the guy. He even impressed MIT enough that they invited him to do a residency!

Okay, so that was an extreme example, many of us are more mundane type nerds, hobbyist programmers, bloggers, gamers, readers, and movie buffs, but you get the idea. Africa is more than a sad epitaph or a tacky postcard destination. Rant over.

Okay, Ultra Clumsy Segue Time

Given that I've mentioned how much I hate war, conflict, and violence in my blog, to people I meet and to myself in my sleep, why am I such a horror, gore and violence freak with movies? Surely violence on the screen indicates an aggressive personality in its aficionados? Wrong! TV or cinema isn't real life. So while violence out there is extremely sucky. Violence and/or bloody horror on the screen; not so sucky.

Why this subject today? Well, I'm starting to really enjoy this season of The Walking Dead, but we'll talk about that later in the show. For now, let's just say that love of violent movies, games, and comics is not inconsistent with a pacifistic attitude.

Either that or I and a whole lot of other people out there are just plain barmy.

Second rant over and on with the show.


Seen, it's great, Ben Afleck does a nice job with the movie and a pretty good understated character study of the CIA's Tony Mendez.

The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire

Looking forward to it.


Excellent, something for all the family and kids. Proves that you don't have to be nuts to like horror.

Riddick: Dead Man Stalking

Definitely green-lit, filmed, and being edited as we speak, ready for release 2013.

Saw interview with Twohy and Diesel, definitely R-rated. Back to Pitch Black basics bug-hunt for part of film. Originality?

The Man With The Iron Fists

Roll trailer.

Out for about a month.

Worried about what I read in the wiki about Eli Roth (of The Hostel) encouraging RZA to cut more than two hours out and reduce screen violence for a lower certificate, and hence, more viewers and more money. Hell, that is LOW.

Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible

2009 to 2010: a must for any SciFi writer or fan. A simple guide to many concepts used in Sci-Fi.

Saved me hours of research for my own writing.

Narrated by vastly charismatic and cool scientist Dr Michio Kaku. GBP 18.00


Okay, so I may have mentioned before, as a fan of the hooded hairy one, I'm not feeling the Arrow-slinging goodness in new show, but as crime drama works. Ollie actor plays spoiled brat a little too well. I'll watch it, just not religiously.

The Walking Dead

Michonne is my new favourite---rugged, lone-wolf, outsider missing from the series so far. She's Clint Eastwood's Man-With-No-Name, Snake Plissken, Mad Max, Toshiro Mifune from Yojimbo, David Gemmell's Waylander, and Chuck Norris's Lone Wolf McQuade. The fact that Michonne is also a smallish black woman makes absolutely no difference.

Obviously, the writer wanted to use the whole genre trope in a new way, as with Korean-American pizza boy Glenn.

I hope they fully explore all facets of her probably quite deep backstory; something I always feel that we miss out with most of these character types. Sure, we might lose some mystique, but the way I see, it might be a while until we see another character like this on the screen. Well, until Stephen King's Gunslinger hits the screen; if it ever does, and it isn't fouled up like a lot of Stephen King's stuff adapted for screen.

BTW, while writing this up, I made the mistake of wiki'ing The Walking Dead TV series and comic book, and now I know too much about what will happen to a few of the main characters. Do yourself a favour and do not read the wiki if you enjoy the show. Damn you, spoilers!

Mister X

Reading again. Must be the hat.

Alice in Wonderland

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Hydrogen Sonata


Dan Simmons SciFi/Horror/Philosophy/Religion/Poetry/Keats/Death.

Read obscure horror novel Song of Kali by Simmons years before he was famous.

Polar City Blues

A fun early Katherine Kerr SF/Murder Mystery from Katherine.

Some of it is a bit naive in retrospect, seemingly painting old Earth's California as some kind of liberal enclave. The 60s are long gone.

Gideon's Sword

By Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, formerly of the Agent Pendergast novels.

This novel is about Gideon Crewe, a super-nerd, revenge fuelled, Bond type.

Just started it so can't really tell you much.

I enjoy Preston and Child's novels: action/horror filled Summer beach pot-boilers. My favourite of theirs is probably Relic, their first book, made into a low budget horror movie years ago.

Catching Fire, Mockingjay

Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Just started, because I can't wait for the film.

Smartphones vs. Non-Smartphones

Smartphones a pain in the posterior, too expensive to leave.

Non-smartphones are now made out of tissue paper and spit. And...

iPhone Rip Off

Do NOT buy iPhones from Car Phone Warehouse iPhones; SIM-free NOT unlocked! Class action?

Annoyingly Expensive, but Underpowered PCs

Ultrabooks, MacBook Airs, Mac Mini. Don't buy them, no justification for tiny SSDs and non-dedicated 3D graphics (like Nvidia or AMD Radeon).

Ultrabooks are very overpriced last gen Netbooks.