CRRRRS S1 E6 Christmas in Mauritius

By Roy Mathur, on 2012-12-16, at 12:00:00 to 12:43:42 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rusty Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Merry Christmas!

Wasting time social networking.

Noticed some LinkedIn members in the security industry eyeing my profile. Why?

Mum and Dad's Birthdays

Bug City


Socialist Biscuits

Testing Skype for Guest Spots

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Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Type-casted Steve Carrell seeks lost love. Unlikeable characters.

Dull. Boring.

Keira Knightly, though, plays a less obnoxious character for a change. Bit with a dog.

Men in Black 3

J (Smith) has to go back in time and meet K's younger self (Josh Brolin), to hunt down alien nutter Boris the Animal.

Unsophisticated fun.

Emma Thompson as the boss.

What is wrong with Jone's face?

The Words


Unknown writer plagiarises known writer.

Flawed premise; celebrity sells books, not talent.

I enjoyed it because context is everything and as a bit of a writer myself it struck a chord.

Irons and Saldana irritating. Quaid good in evil Pandorum way? Bradley Cooper type-casted as attractive, shallow man post-Limitless, but OK.

Safe House

Reynold Reyolds is Matt Weston rookie CIA safehouse keeper on boring assignment in Cape Town, when dangerous traitor Tobin Frost escapes and Reynolds tries to recapture him.

Obviously a mole hunt.

Some unrealistic action moments.

Not terrible.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Ad for person seeking partner for time travel.

Magazine sends two interns and a jaded reporter to investigate.

Too much indie film vibe; annoyingly cloying music and preciousness, but OK.

Appalachian dulcimer not a zither.

Star Trek: ITD

Who cares who the villain is, just as long as JJ doesn't mess up the movie.

More story, less glitz please.


12 Monkeys, The Omega Man, Heston's Planet of the Apes, more damn base-ball, but it might be good.

Gods, does Morgan Freeman look cool.

After Earth

Intriguing, but Smith needs to get out of the comfort zone and stop acting with his son.

Please don't mess with time and then tell me at the end---shock horror---this is actually the past.

Seven Psychopaths

Thank gods Colin Farrell is trying comedy!


Simmons tells rather than shows a lot.

Too long winded, characters a bit cliched, but book pretty damn good anyway.

Tackles how FTL will have social issues.

Diaspora, imaginative, entertaining, movie coming.

Google Maps

Big whoop, but later got a little more accurate.

Best current tablet is from Google.

SyFy's Blake's 7 Remake!

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Merry Yule, Christmas, Winter Solstice, and a Happy New Year!