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By Roy Mathur, on 2019-04-12, at 19:23:59 to 20:14:27 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Episode Title?

It's a play on East Bay Ray, the Dead Kennedys' guitarist.

Reiteration of What This Show Is About

Yes, I already said it at the top of the show, but if you're a geek, then this is for you. I covered pop culture and technology in my last few journalism gigs, and I'm doing the same here, only with a more personal touch.

I do two types of show. Both are geeky, but one is a round up of everything I find interesting in the world of geek, including personal projects. The other is specific to one particular topic, e.g. guests, or my ongoing epic rewatch of all vintage Doctor Who episodes (it's really good).

Why am I telling you this again? I seem to be really hard to find on iTunes. I think it's because I do the tech stuff and the geek stuff in a single show, but always start with culture and then move on to technology. Shows that do both (and there aren't many) do so the other way around. Look, it's a show that gives you the whole geek experience.

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

I actually watched the Star Wars Celebration panel live and waited until the Star Wars episode IX trailer hit the internet before recording this episode, so let's listen to that right now.

The movie will be released on the 19th of December 2019. It the last film of the Skywalker Saga and will be the start of a break as the Star Wars films go on hiatus, though movies will still be in development according to Disney.

I have also posted the trailer, which hints that Palpatine, or perhaps his legacy in some form, may be back; moreso because Ian McDiarmid appeared on stage at the end of the Star Wars Celebration panel to re-roll the trailer to the backdrop of a baying audience. Who can blame them? If I was there, I'd be screaming myself hoarse too. I'm really looking forward to seeing Palpatine again

Billy Dee Williams, the original Lando Calrissian, is also on the IMDB cast list, as are another couple of iconic actors, including Richard E. Grant in an unnamed role.

This one is going to be big, it's going to be directed by J.J. Abrams, and I'm going to be watching it. Oh yes.

Star Wars Celebration

Yeah, like every other Star Wars geek in the world, I watched on YouTube, but if you're lucky enough to be at Star Wars Celebration, in Chicago from the 11th to the 15th, lucky you.

There'll be information, that we won't get by the time this episode airs, about The Mandalorian and that spy thriller starring Diego Luna, the guy who played Cassian Andor from Rogue One.

This year though, I have marked May the 4th in my calendar, and so I'll probably be also doing something that day to celebrate in my own way.

Bauhaus and Kandinsky

Google celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus design movement today with a bright, colourful, abstract, geometric Doodle inspired by the work of artist and Bauhaus school teacher Wassily Kandinsky.

The Bauhaus School was founded by an architect, Walter Gropius, 100 years ago in the city of Weimar, Germany.

The Boy

When I first saw the trailer for The Boy (2016) at the cinema, I was scornful and put off watching it until about a week ago, when, with literally nothing better to do, I thought I'd give it a try. I was that desperate.

Anyway, it's actually an effective enough horror mystery, until the big reveal, when the film really loses it with such a crassly predictable denouement. Until that point it's okay.

The New Walking Dead Spin Off

TV Line and io9 report that the third Walking Dead spin-off will centre on two women growing up in the zombie apocalypse.

It's great that there are more women focused dramas, but I don't care because, as I've said on numerous occasions, season 9 is my last. Glenn's gone, Rick's gone, hell, even Siva's gone, but Negan's stupid face is still there, and the story hasn't progressed. Where's the science fiction? Instead, it's turned into a Renaissance Faire soap opera.

With the snowy finale of season 9 aired, I'm out. I am out. Goodnight.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a 2016 trade paperback collection of the 2001 Image Comics Bloody Mary 1 to 4 and Bloody Mary: Lady Liberty 1 to 4. Like a lot of things, this is something I read a while back, but never talked about in the podcast. Or, at least, I couldn't find it in my show notes.

In the universe of Bloody Mary, a sort of reverse Brexit happened, with Europe going Nazi and the UK and US fighting back. Bloody Mary is an American assassin, who teams up with the Major, an amnesiac, happy, crazily fighty, British soldier of the moustache, beret, and tally-ho variety, to destroy a weapons system that turns enemy soldiers into monstrous, unkillable, super soldiers.

Overlord, anyone? It's fun, gritty, and completely crazy, as you'd expect any from any creative partnership comprising of 2000 AD/Preacher, etc. writer Garth Ennis, and the late, great, artist Carlos Ezquerra.

The Major's a very entertaining character with an exceedingly funny vocabulary. I'm reminded, somewhat, of the occasional partnership of Johnny Alpha and Middenface McNulty in 2000 AD's Strontium Dog. Here's a sample: "Wizard! Dropped in. Banjoed the buggers in no time flat, and stopped in for a swift half in the local bierkeller."

Oh, and it is very bloody and very gory.


Julian Assange Arrested

UK police, invited in by the Ecuadorian embassy staff yesterday, have arrested the WikiLeaks founder for failing to surrender to the court over a warrant issued in 2012.

Assange also faces possible sexual offences charges in Sweden, and conspiracy to commit computer intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified US government computer, which carries a maximum sentence of five years.

Assange originally accepted an offer of asylum by the Ecuadorian government and sought refuge in their London embassy, after accepting leaked information from US army whistleblower Chelsea Manning. This included the infamous collateral murder video showing US forces murdering civilians, including two Reuters reporters.

The fall out? Assange's native Australia have washed their hands of him, Trump, who benefited greatly from Assange's release of emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign boss John Podesta's account, now claims to not know what WikiLeaks is.

President Moreno of Ecuador called Assange a "nuisance" and an "inherited problem" because it was the previous government who granted him asylum. He said Ecuador withdrew asylum because of "repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols." He further claimed that Assange "installed electronic and distortion equipment...confronted and mistreated the guards..." and "accessed the security files."

I get the impression that the Ecuadorians just got fed up of having a messy, nerdy bloke and his cat as extended houseguests, which sounds really funny, especially if you are a nerdy bloke, until you think about what he is facing, for initially just doing the right thing.

The First Ever Supermassive Black Hole Image

An image of a supermassive black hole was recently produced by interpolating the data gathered by a global array of radio telescopes networked together to form the Event Horizon Telescope. I'm assuming the measured electromagnetic data are assigned colours that we commonly associate with temperature variances visible to our human eyes, i.e. we know that white is hotter than red.

The black hole is 6.5 billion times the size of our sun and 55 million light years away at the centre of the Messier 87 galaxy.

Google Wing

Google Wing, Google's drone delivery service is on trial in Canberra, Australia.

The drones are ungainly looking birds, something like tiny versions of Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose. They have fat fuselages for carrying payloads and one backward facing propeller on each wing. There are rails, fitted to each wing parallel to the fuselage, carrying six rotors blades.

The apparently noisy drones will be delivering takeaways and coffee.

Paywall Hopping with the Tor Browser

Okay, so going on Tor to order, I don't know, nuclear missiles, is getting dodgy with surveilled exit nodes, but one thing you can still do is circumvent paywalls.

The New York Times has a hidden onion service address that you can use to read their articles with the Tor Browser. Access the NYT via their Onion Service https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion. When you run out of free articles, click the onion icon at the top left of the Tor Browser toolbar and choose "New Identity", then continue reading.

The Hidden UI

...proves how long I've been out of the game. I didn't know that there's a reason we can no longer find anything in our apps. It's the trend of tidying up the UI, i.e. make it less busy.

Unfortunately, as UIs can have too much information, the converse; UIs showing too little, is also true. This is the reason you can no longer find anything in Skype or iTunes.

You'd have thought that a couple of the world's richest companies would know how to not foul this up.

What's Wrong with Anthropomorphising Technology?

I say "thanks" or ""hey" depending on whether automatic opening doors are doing a good job or trying to kill me.

Frankly, I thought I was the only one, but this little girl, out for a walk with her mum the other day, did exactly that. She loudly thanked the door for opening for her.

You see? I'm not the only one, I'm not mad, I tell you! Not mad! Besides, when our robot overlords take over, I'll be in their good books.

I Bought a Blu-ray Player

Just as Blu-ray players and disk sales are tanking because of streaming, I bought a Blu-ray Player because I have DVDs and my new TV doesn't have a player built in.

I bought Sony Blu-ray Disc Player BDP-S1700 for standard Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs etc. It was the cheapest, not appallingly reviewed, player I could find. It doesn't do 4K, but it does upscale DVDs. It also doesn't do wireless and it was only formally a smart device because a lot of the smart functionality is now disabled because of provider changes, which suits me fine. I wouldn't have minded if it was a completely dumb device. Really, if you want streaming, get something like a Roku. When have you ever honestly known a smart device to be actually smart?

Anyway, as the format dies, I have jumped on the Blu-ray bandwagon. I should point out that I don't have internet access fast enough for streaming and my temple is CeX.

Windows XP for POS Systems Dead and Buried

XP users, you're bang out of luck, as Microsoft recently finally abandoned this last vestige of XP.

The Levelator on Standby

I have The Levelator on standby and only use it if I really screw up.

Upcoming TV Chats

I already mentioned some upcoming book chats, but you should also expect upcoming TV chat.

I haven't yet caught up with the last of the Punisher, Jessica Jones, Gotham, The Defenders, or The Big Bang Theory and, by the time I do, we'll probably be in the Game of Thrones final season, so expect something on that as well.