CRRRaSh! 313 Otzi Made Me Less of a Git

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-05-11, at 23:55:44--00:35:51 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Virus Diary

Life at home has been a little fractious. It's better now, but we're all treading on egg shells. The recent government correspondence of an extended September lockdown date for seniors is wearing us down though.

My parents are also understandably fed up with the sneaky bugger of a company who is handling the shipment of their belongings back to England. They are trying to pass on the cost of extra storage and handling costs during the lockdown to my parents. If you are in the same boat (sorry), i.e. a returning resident to the UK and your goods have been held up in a similar way, please get in touch. I'd like to know how your shipping company is handling the situation because this feels like a stitch-up.

Doctor Who: Fugitive of the Judoon

As we occasionally do, we're dipping a toe into a little New Who. I've been watching a lot of New Who lately and particularly enjoying several choice stories, like Midnight and Heaven Sent etc. Fugitive of the Judoon is another great New Who story broadcast on 26 January 2020. It plays with memory and identity, two subjects I really love in fiction. It reminds me strongly of Iain M. Banks's Use of Weapons, which and I am almost positive influenced this episode. Ruth is the uber Time Lord? I'm okay with that and Jo Martin, the actress playing her, really chews the scenery.

Where this arc goes is anyone's guess, but I really hope they just don't leave us hanging until Chibnall is replaces by another showrunner who ditches the Vinay Patel and Chris Chibnall storyline. Does this remind you of the J.J. Abrams vs Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi (which I thought as the best of the new Rey trilogy) debacle?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker DVD

I bought the DVD recently and while I stick by what I said before about how great the eye candy is, I also think the story is really bad. Rey's arc is a mess. The Finn and Rey romance dropped for no reason, and, much as I love Palpatine, his puppet master style return beggars belief in much the same way as Blowfeldt did in Spectre.

Star Wars Day

I spent a delightful Star Wars Day morning rewatching Harmy's Despecialized Edition of Star Wars (not "A New Hope") with my mother.

Amazon Spying on Third Party Sellers

They said they didn't, but they did according to Amazon employees in a WSJ article by Dana Mattioli.

The obvious joke, after my tussle with Amazon (the equivalent of a baby attacking Megatron with a feather), is that maybe Amazon will come out with a line of Amazon Basics for Nazis.

See 261 ( and

DVD Cloning

I'm doing this to both backup my collection, but also because DVDs are a faff, and I'd rather have the file to play on my Kodi media box.

DVDFab 11

I've been using a trial of DVDFab 11 to clone my DVD movies to ISOs. It's a slow process on my i5 machine, so I'm glad I'm sticking to buying DVDs rather than Blu-rays (as well as considerations of file size). The free version is a trial version limited to 3 copies per 30 days. The interface is flat and ugly, does not fit seamlessly into Windows, and I found it unintuitive. I accidentally cloned a copy to... god knows where. If I can screw this up, then a non-techie user will certainly mess this up. I eventually found the ISO and to DVDFab's credit, the cloning was fairly hands-off. I cloned Star Wars: The Force Awakens in about 30 minutes. Message to DVDFab 11 devs---please polish up your product.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

I also tried WinX DVD Ripper Platinum on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The interface is still ugly, but a little more skeumorphic and easier on my eyes. It is, however, even more confusing than DVDFab 11 and there is a lot of nagging to register. The process took about the same time, but worryingly ignored the layer break by default, which could lead to problems if you need to burn the ISO to DVD in future, so re-cloned using DVDFab 11.

DVDSmith Movie Backup

I finally tried DVDSmith Movie Backup on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but guess what? That's where the experiment stopped because it only copies, not clones.

Sega Mega Drive Mini

I said I would, then I was lukewarm, then I wasn't, then I did.

Apart from a few greats, the games included aren't my favs, but the hacks have been out for a while. For ease of use, I'm leaning towards Project Lunar, rather than Hakichi. Give me time and I'll get back to you.

Swapping Mobile Networks

Since July 2019, Ofcom has made it obligatory for mobile networks to made it easy for customers to switch.

If you want to keep your existing number when you switch, you need a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code), which you can get by texting PAC to 65075.

If you want a new number when you switch, you need a STAC (Service Termination Authorisation Code), which you can get by texting STAC to 75075.

For INFO about switching network, text INFO to 85075

Of course, when I tried to swap network recently, I did not know about this and stupidly called Virgin Mobile, which led to inevitable delays, until I gave up and did the job online in 60 seconds. Why? Again, because I'm an arrogant techie and did not RTFM. If I'd just Googled PAC, I could have saved an addition 30 seconds, so I'm telling you this here and now to save you the faff.

Otzi Made Me Less of a Git

I was thinking about how annoyed I used to be by how hipsterly people would culturally appropriate from developing world tribal cultures, but then in 2016 Otzi the ice man was discovered in the Alps. His interesting tattoos and jewellery made me a bit less harsh about more the modern hoi polloi gobbling down culture for the sake of fashion. Bravo Otzi! You made me less of a git. I still hate hipsters with ear stretchers, so perhaps I'm only "slightly less of a git".