CRRRaSh! 322 Hot

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-06-25, at 00:11:10--00:44:45 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen


It's bloody hot tonight and this is the second of my back-to-back recording sessions tonight. "Hiho Silver, Away!"

Virus Diary

We're apparently easing restrictions as c.43,000 are dead in the UK from Covid-19. Deaths are still occurring every day, but they are at a much lower rate than before.

It is little comfort if you are isolating like we are because of my elderly parents. This is an overly stressful and unfair situation, and I don't see why it is okay for one section of society to not support the other.

Also, what happens if there is a USA or Brazil-like spike? Remember, we are already one of the most affected countries in the world. Good old blighty.

I don't know what else to say.

The Vast of Night

Radio DJ and telephone exchange operator get involved in an alien encounter over the air waves.

I get that using mostly audio is a novel way of telling a close encounters story, but this is film not radio.

I would have given this more of a chance if I could related more to the main character, but I found the beatnik DJ too cocky, too self-assured, and too slick, and I could also barely understand a damn thing he was saying with that thick southern USA accent.


I'll watch anything Joseph Gordan Levitt is in because he's a brilliant actor.

Though this a one of the better hostage taking over a plane films, it is also unoriginal and definitely does not pass Riz Ahmed's Riz Test. And so we're back to the same old and boring, racist trope of Muslim terrorists.

The Invisible Man

Abusive, controlling husband... with the power of invisibility. This is Sleeping with the Enemy if the enemy was a supervillain.

Elizabeth Moss, in the now type-casted role of a victimised woman who, because he is Elizabeth Moss, we know at some point will turn the tables.

It's not a bad spin on Well's story, and better than the slightly similar Kevin Bacon film, but will the power of invisibility really make you a perverted deviant maniac? Stop copying Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Da 5 Bloods

I hated this story of a group of Vietnam vets returning to claim lost gold.

It stands up well as an informative source about both the vast inequality in how African American soldiers were used in the Vietnam War, and the crass commercialisation of the war afterwards.

However, as a fictional film it is a cliched mess. The actors were wasted and I don't see the point to any of it. And what the hell was the point of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl? Four people were credited in writing and this shows in the directionless narrative.

Spike Lee should have made a documentary.

Into the Night

Belgian sci-fi about plane taken hostage by madman. It is reminiscent of Stephen King's The Langoliers, with a rag-tag group of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

Definitely not, thank god, more 7500 stereotyping, though you'll think it's going that way because that's what it wants you to think... for a while. There's a diverse cast, a script that doesn't pull any punches and flips the idea of who to trust on its head, and the outcomes are always surprising in this tense Netflix TV drama.


The balance of comedy and drama are just about right in this show charting the building of a new Justice Society of America, years after the old one was destroyed by the Injustice League.

I had to look that up, but yeah, the demise of the JSA was actually a thing that happened. I didn't think they killed superheroes that often, but it was a Golden Age comic book massacre.

This is the best current small screen DC adaptation.

Plex, MS DLNA, and Networked Media Streaming

I tried to stream movies from my PC to my parents Roku. I wasted an hour with Plex and DLNA before I gave up. What unrelenting pile of crap this is. I also tried public SMB shares and a lot of other boring networky things too and nothing worked.

This is too complicated, so I'm getting an offline media player for my mum instead, and just sneakernet movies over to the device.

Back in the bad old days when I was an IT support Morlock, networking hassles were the problems I hated solving the most.

Sgeyr 4K HDMI Switcher

Too bright LEDs and the Home button of the Roku remote works on the same IR frequency as the switcher's remote button to swich HDMI source.

Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones Redux

I tried and returned these updates to the oldshool DT100 broadcast cans because they were not comfortable. They are still not the most comfortable studio monitors, but they fit my tall ears, the price isn't terrible, and I'm sick of replacing my JVC HA S160s twice a year at 10 GBP a pop. The JVC HA S160 are a great pair of headphones, but that kind of expense builds up.

The DT150s were bought as studio monitors, not for general use, but if anyone is worried about the high impedance of 250 ohms, even my phone drives them fine at a slightly higher volume. Although I have a headphone preamp, I don't need to use it with these cans. They sound good too, definitely better than the DT100s and, while not very comfortable, much less painful to wear than their DT100 predecessors, which I have used in a radio studio.

If you're ears are smaller get something else like the similarly priced DT770 Pro, which are now the studio standard.

Diplomat Traveller, Kaweco Sport, Lamy Safari 2020 Special Edition Candy Fountain Pens, Diamine Sapphire Blue, Herbin Rose Cyclamen, Herbin Lierre Sauvage, Blue Parker Quink, Black Parker Quink, Montblanc Mystery Black

Fountain pens are a technology, right? Some crazy people (like me) might argue that they represent one of the great pinnacles of human art and technological prowess, so much so that they have thrived in age when no one really needs them anymore.

I like fountain pens.

Anyway, my mother's returning to the UK present from me was a new, but untested slim and elegant Diplomat Traveller bought during a John Lewis sale several years ago. It had a hairline crack in the section and leaked. Not the best experience for a user looking forward to her first pen in years.

Next came a Kaweco Sport... that skipped. Great.

Finally Mum tried my battered old broad nibbed Safari and bingo. She liked it. She particularly liked it's wet ink flow and smoothness on paper. I promptly ordered a 2020 Special Edition Lamy Safari in matte violet, with a broad nib, and the Z28 converter. She tried a few inks, including the highly appropriate bright violet of Herbin's Rose Cyclamen, which is one of my favourite inks, but settled on the intense royal blue of the Diamine Sapphire blue. The only drawback of this ink is the initial smell of stale laundry, which has simmered down over the years of storage to the smell of... stale laundry. Oh well. Still, it's much better than bog standard washed out garbage that is blue Parker Quink that you should avoid.

I also took the opportunity to buy Herbin Lierre Savauge (Wild Ivy) intense green ink. Turns out it's not that intense. Pah. I've also run out of my standard black Parker Quink, which I will replace with Montblanc Mystery Black, though mainly for the "shoe" bottle.

Lamy Safari 2020 Special Edition Candy pens come in Mango (yellow) and Aquamarine (turquoise), as well as Violet. They have the lovely grippy matte texture of the Umbra version, which is much more pleasant to use than my own shiny black safari. They are also available as ballpoints and rollerballs, but why would you want those common workaday obscenities when you can ascend to the sublime heights of a fountain pen?