CRRRaSh! 323 8 Years

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-07-15, at 00:23:58--01:01:22 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

8 Years

Happy 8th birthday to CRRRaSh! on the 4th July. Yes, I've been doing this for 8 years.

There was supposed to be a special show, but I was sick and still recovering from heat exhaustion, so here it is today instead. This time I'm sick with something else and Mum's got a monstrous infected abscess. I'm in an even worse situation than before, but what the hell, let's do the show anyway.

Virus Diary

The daily death toll is much less now, but not gone. It is estimated to be between roughly 44--66,000 depending on how the statistics are read.

The government are deescalating the crisis. For example, my father, as one of the vulnerable, recently received a letter from the NHS saying that it is now alright to take daily exercise.

With the recent heatwaves helping to crowd out the beaches, we'll know in a couple of weeks if the infections start to rise again. Perhaps I'm overly cynical, but I'm guessing the government's lack of action makes them popular with some of the UK population and also gives them something else to blame if their own plans for reopening businesses too early backfires.

Mid-2021 is the estimated date for even the possibility of a vaccine, but I was thoroughly sick of this months ago.


But hey, the ongoing broken oven saga is over---the recalcitrant device is now operational (refer to previous episodes).

Odeon to Repoen

I noticed a lot of staff lurking around the Odeon Cinema in Bletchley recently. I then read that the Odeon is to reopen. I read about all the precautions they are taking and those do appear to be through.

I honestly hope it goes well for them and all the other businesses reopening, but I wonder if it is too early. The government was pressured by UK businesses to open, but if there is a spike of infections, will those same businesses accept the responsibility for opening too early?

You Should Have Left

An older rich guy, Kevin Bacon, with younger beautiful celebrity wife, Amanda Seyfried, rent a holiday home, but don't leave soon enough. I always suspected Airbnb was bollocks.

It's an okay Blumhouse effort, but please tell me the uncredited voice of the Indian shrink is not another case of brownvoice.

I Am the Night

Dramatic license is taken in this hard-boiled drama based on the Black Dahlia murder. Chris Pine is a fighty, self-destructive journalist digging into the old case.

Chris Pine and India Eisley are good in this satisfactory boxset faire that plays like Chinatown.


I had to buy a mask and visor for my mother who is supervising the furniture movers. (Refer back to older episodes as this is an on-going saga with our so-called door-to-door international shipping company).

PPE is available, but not cheap. It's also easy to mess up their integrity, thus rendering their use to filter particulate and droplets containing viruses useless, if you don't know what you are doing.

Finally, a tip. Tradesmen are required by law to wear PPE. Of the two visits we had, the first just sauntered in with no gear at all and made zero attempt to keep their distance. The second guy had to be told to actually wear his PPE. Tell them you want them to wear PPE when you make an appointment, then check they are wearing it at the door before letting them in.

Vivaldi and K-Meleon Browsers

For a better experience, some assembly is required using custom CSS in this replacement to Opera. This might be too difficult for some users.

It is customisable, nice looking, and works well, but it seems a little resource hungry in terms of memory and after several slowdowns I uninstalled it.

Behringer V-Tone Acoustic ADI21 Versus L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI

If you use a piezoelectric pickup on your instrument, e.g. ukulele, classical guitar, violin, or... lyre, to plug into an electric guitar amp or pedals, you'll need a preamp to boost your low output and ditch that nasty, trebly spike.

I've tried many, but the two most popular preamps I own are the Behringer ADI 21 and the L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI. Cutting to the chase, the Behringer is lower output than the L.R. Baggs, but costs almost nothing.

If you are using a budget amp, get the Behringer. If you want to plug your flamenco guitar into a Marshall Super Lead 1959, get the Baggs, but also get a moderately good piezo pickup and place it on the instrument where it will pick up the most sound of you playing. The Baggs is too expensive, but I recently got mine with an insane discount.

Backup Week

It was backup week. I started on a Tuesday. Days later I gave up trying to sync Gmail with a local offline copy using IMAP because of timeouts and login issues. I instead created an offline local canonical copy of all my mail and then backed that up. I am now using only a tiny amount of my free Google quota, which suits me fine. I don't like rely on any of the so-called free services. They're not really free and who the hell knows when Google will pull the rug from under our feet.

Conversely, my c.3.5TB data backup using the excellent MS command line utility robocopy, took less than an hour.


Its not as if we haven't got enough light pollution, now we have to put up with these stupid Musk satellites stinking up the skies, to say nothing of the flying hypersonic junk they will eventually become, and the burnt rocket fuel injected directly into our atmosphere. Why can't he just negotiate with countries to install free wireless WAN everywhere? (Just call it Musknet to satisfy his whopping frigging ego). Or why do we even need Musk? Why can't our countries do this without him? Or, screw countries, why can't we do some kind of encrypted P2P internet over WiFi ourselves? Musk satellites or Google balloons; this kind of clumsy mobile basestation tech should have been a thing years ago. Now it just seems naff. I'd rather have clear skies. (Errata: I said "Skylink" instead of "Starlink" in the podcast).

UK Ditches Huawei 5G

Washington barks and we wag our tails in the UK and ditch Huawei 5G.

With no Chinese spy chips in our hardware, I suppose we'll just have to make do with the same crap from whatever 5G supplier 5eyes, 9eyes, or whatever surveillance bullshit we have to put up with in the West, decides to infiltrate. Hey, maybe the problem with Huawei is that it didn't have any backdoors... or is that just too paranoid a thought?

New Doctor Who Leisurely Rewatch


This episode was powered by a double Mauritian rum and coke, hence the more than average innaccuracies and saying "ridiculous" a lot. If it makes you feel any better, as I write this and edit the audio the next day, I am feeling pretty damn hungover.