CRRRaSh! 341 Tourette's Syndrome Tic Supercut

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-11-09, at 23:13:09--23:22:37 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Tourette's Syndrome Tic Supercut

There's only one very off topic, i.e. non-geek, subject today.

Some time ago I said I might make a supercut of all my Tourette's syndrome vocal tics that I usually cut while editing episodes of this podcast. I finally decided to do it because... actually I'm not entirely sure why. Partly it's because this is how I am in real life. While it's easy to hide that in a podcast, for once maybe I want to share that experience with you.

Given the medium of sound, I can only let you hear the vocal tics. However, I should point out at that Tourette's syndrome tics are not only vocal, but cover a wide range of involuntary actions. Many people with Tourette's syndrome, like me, also have other conditions like ADHD, OCD, depression, and anxiety. Perhaps the latter two are partly the result of the former? The research is pretty hazy, even to the boffins.

The vocal tics change, but you'll hear little grunts, hums, lip smacks, tongue movements, and other mouth noises; not so fantastic for someone who produces spoken word audio. I have also separated the sections in which they occurred with sine wave tones.

Strangely, my tics lessen if I have podcast guest. Maybe that's because the squidgy CPU called my brain is fully occupied, but I'm not really sure.

Here it is then, an exceedingly short show consisting of most of the vocal tics extracted from episode 240.

Please note, the only effects applied were ambient noise reduction and amplification to 0dB.

Further Information

If you want to learn more, there are many resources on the internet like the NHS and Tourette's Action UK websites. Please also feel free to contact me, though I can't profess expertise.

Finally, If you have Tourette's, or have been recently diagnosed, know that you are not alone and that this neuroatypical condition isn't the worst thing to have.