CRRRaSh! 354 Two Turtle Doves

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-12-26, at 00:16:00--00:26:08 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

CRRRaSh! 354 Two Turtle Doves

Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you are still alive after stuffing your faces.

Two Turtle Doves

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Star Wars Retold Using Traditional Malaysian Shadow Puppetry

I love this. Tintoy Chuo of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the founder of Fusion Wayang Kulit, an artistic collective blending ancient and modern has retold the Star Wars story used using Wayang Kulit shadow puppets:

This story is weirdly coincidental on a personal level, as I couple of days before I was talking to Mum about how cool Indian puppetry is, and she was agreeing and saying how underappreciated it is, so it is nice seeing another old art form being kept alive...

Last Ninja Families

...This whole stream of conversation started days before, when I watched a sad video segment presented by the BBC's Mariko Oi about the last ninja families fading from history in Japan.

Prince of Persia

I haven't played anything for a long time.

Okay, I played Prince of Persia for about five minutes to test an eBay purchase of an old PC (see a previous pod). It's still a great game after all these years, but otherwise? Nothing. That's why there hasn't been much game talk lately, but see next item.


This is one computer game I have on my "If I Ever Get Time" radar. It's both retro cute and I know nothing else apart from what little I've seen on YouTube.

Dungeons and Dragons

I am, however, planning Dungeon Mastering a small Dungeons and Dragons campaign in the coming months, providing the world goes back to normal and we can all meet in person, so stay tuned for updates.

Small? Why yes, because, while I want a go at DM'ing, I'm a Chaotic Neutral wizard player at heart. Fireball!

Star Trek: Discovery

My view hasn't changed; this season is boring me, but I did appreciate the Michelle Yeoh Mirror Universe two-parter. She is so so cool.

The Flight Attendant

Finished and enjoyed. The show finishes on a hint of a sequel. Please don't, it was perfect as it was.

Harper's Island

Re-re-finished and enjoyed my every-now-and-again pilgrimage to this gory survival horror/final girl take on Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

Windows Froze Again

My Windows 7 installation froze again recently. Of course, it happened right in the middle of writing some show notes in a text editor without autosave. What a pile of crap (both Windows and the text editor).

Podcasters, if you have the equipment, try to record your show offline.

Why Don't Text Editors Have Autosave?

Also, why the hell not have autosave built into all text editor apps?

Admittedly, some have session save, but you have to hope the session file isn't screwed, so why not include an autosave function---a feature most users are familiar with from word processors---and make it easily accessible from the menu?

Why are Audacity's Default Settings so Aggressive?

The default settings for Audacity plug-ins like Noise Reduction and Limiter are so aggressive, they always seem to add distortion distort your audio.

Why is that? Surely the default settings should be safe settings, so new users (or even experienced users like me) don't shoot themselves in the foot.


Do you remember ActiveState? Back when I actually did a little bit of programming, they were my preferred dist of Perl and they are still around too.

Their highly convenient dists for Perl and TCL, and eventually Python and Ruby were just the ticket back in the day, and still are, but what happened to Lua? I'm sure they were planning to release a Lua dist, but never did. What a pity. Still, Lua and Love2D are easy to set up.