CRRRaSh! 355 Three French Hens

By Roy Mathur, on 2020-12-27, at 00:30:45--00:49:00 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Happy Holidays

Oh god, I feel like crap, but at least my bad mood has lifted. I'm still feeling weak from that stomach upset and vitamin deficiency---all my own fault---but I'm trying to get myself going again.

I also have to apologise. All this podcasting is messing with my head and I may have announced the right day of the month, but the wrong day of the week at the top of some Twelve Days of Christmas episodes. Notice, I said, "I may have", as I'm not actually sure, but I'm sorry if did. There seems little point in re-editing past pods for that reason alone and besides, I'm telling you this so my blunders are saved for posterity. If I now go back and re-edit, I'll have to also re-edit what I say in this pod too... it's a convoluted mess. Blame it on tiredness and illness.

I also have very little for you today as my screen time, including time I spend mesmerised by the idiot box, is vastly reduced as I take a little break to read more. Frankly, it's a relief. I told you this geek show was never meant to be a mostly film and TV review podcast, so get ready to hear me chat more about other media very soon.

That being said, there is a surprising amount of Star Wars news in this episode.

Day Three

On the third day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Disney Stiffing Authors

A Wall Street Journal article states that Alan Dean Foster, author of the first Star Wars movie novelisation and Splinter of the Mind's Eye, and other Star Wars franchise authors are in a legal with Disney for unpaid book contract royalties since they took over LucasFilm in 2012.

Disney responded with, "We are carefully reviewing whether any royalty payments may have been missed as a result of acquisition integration and will take appropriate remedial steps if that is the case."

RIP Jeremy Bulloch

RIP Jeremy Bulloch, the Boba Fett suit actor in the original Star Wars trilogy, who died on the 17th December 2020.

Robert Rodriguez Strums a Tune for Grogu

Robert Rodriguez posted a video of him playing guitar for Grogu on set. Grogu bops along and his ears flap; it's cute.

Listener Question About Upcoming Doctor Who New Year's Day Special

Listener Pablo asked me on Twitter about my views on the upcoming Doctor Who New Year's Day Special.

I'm looking forward to it, but get ready for trauma as most of the Christmas Holiday Specials seem particularly tense.