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By Roy Mathur, on 2021-01-25, at 23:00:00--23:40:45, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Bitter Lemon on the Rocks

Bitter Lemon is a delicious drink, but unfortunately is also my general state of mind since I was five and it's wearing.

Sometimes it's what drives me, but mostly it holds me back, and I am sick of it. There's my New Year's Resolution: don't dwell, do.


Not so great underwater horror pastiche of other movies like film The Poseidon Adventure, The Abyss etc., and any number of underwater monster movies.

It at least has the saving grace of the Kristen Stewart's excellent acting, except when she's unnecessarily prancing about in her skivvies, which thank god wasn't the case for the grizzled male crew. I think she's pretty and I appreciate the female form, but those scenes seemed pointlessly gratuitous in a non-exploitation film.

Some of the scenes looked like there were pulled right out of a comic (surprisingly they weren't), but I do think with the visuals as they stand, plus a little more work on the story, this would have worked out better as a graphic novel.

The Watch

The latest Pratchett adaptation, this of Guard's Guards, has garnered much fan criticism. But I'd say, as a fan, that most Terry Pratchett adaptations, except the brilliant Going Postal, have been terrible.

At least this is a unique, punky, if flawed take on Ankh Morpork's finest.

Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker

All this talk about her going early, but all the Doctors, apart from Eccleston, only had three seasons.

Maybe she's just making an excuse for her exit, even if her's is perfectly justifiable, around the time her contract is up for renegotiation because she's fed up and wants to move on.

Changing Podcast Host

I've been living dangerously for years, hosting on a non-podcasting web host with so many terms and conditions that they could pull my pod any time they want. Want to hear a "duh" moment? I checked with them, thus informing them of what I had been doing (you would have thought they already knew) before I actually made other arrangements. Thus, it will be a miracle if you actually hear this pod on the day you're supposed to.

I'm was thinking of either a paid account, or continue using my free one and simply storing the files at, not just that I don't have much money, but because I'm worried about digital preservation. turned out to be terrible in terms of speed and reliability (I think Matt Mullenweg has lost his mind; the Gutenberg theme and the new block editor is dreadful. And so, although I did make a copy of my files at, I ended up paying for the 9 USD/month account at Podbean.

But then... then... then... Oh dear. Look, if you're beginner podcaster, go with Podbean or something similar, but if you, like me, started podcasting entirely off your own bat; hand coding, getting your stuff on aggregators before they starting scraping iTunes/Apple Podcasts and let Apple do all the hard work, then your setup might be a little too complicated and unique to easily migrate.

I was prepared for arse pain moving, and it was a giant one. My hacker's, DIY punk rock approach until this point, meant that the transfer was traumatic and there were immediately problems. (A tip to Podbean users; maximise your browser window otherwise you'll miss the menu on the left---goddamn UI designers---or maybe I'm just getting old and my skills are fading? Stuff and nonsense! A wizard gets better with age).

In the end, I shutdown my brand spanking new Podbean account, deleted the files at my current host, edited my RSS feed to point directly at the files now uploaded to and called it a day. That is what I should have done in the first place instead of losing my weekend and my sleep.

Because of the mess of moving the feed; partly my fault, but also partly Podbean because I don't think their automation deals well with established and already syndicated podcasters, my feed had to be re-submitted to Apple Podcasts. That means it might be a while until you hear this on whatever platform or player you use. Please don't stop listening though, just find me via my page at ( or listen through the Tweet I post, and you might also have to refresh or re-subscribe to my pod in a day or two.

DBX286S Channel Strip

I'm seriously considering this mic preamp with some added knobs like a deesser etc. Well, you've heard me.

Shure 55SH Dynamic Microphone

I'm also considering the Elvis mic because it has a supposedly slightly wide cardioid pickup pattern, which may mean less popping, though the Behringer XM8500 mic I have now isn't bad.

K and M or Gator Frame Works Mini Boom Stand

Finally, I'm also looking for a sturdy boom stand to put on my desk.

The War Against PAYG: Virgin and GiffGaff

First Virgin became unreasonably expensive, so I moved to GiffGaff (O2) and now GiffGaff will raise their data charges from 5p/MB to 10p/MB.

Luckily, I use the phone rarely, but this really sucks for customers, especially the older ones like my mother.

The War with BT

Well, the honeymoon is over. After an eternity betting my super fast fibre to actually connect, BT are rolling me over into their non-new customer tariff which is about GBP/month more expensive. Of course.

A Very Belated RIP to Komla Dumor

RIP Komla Afeke Dumor, 3 October 1972 to 18 January 2014. The African journalist died at just 41 years of age. Ghanaian presenter, Komla Dumor of the BBC's Focus on Africa, was of one of my and my immediate family's favourite presenters back when I lived in Mauritius. His presenting style was precise and cheerful, and we all thought he looked really cool too.

Mum tells me that she told me of Komla's death back in '14, but I was probably too wrapped up in a dozen different things, including settling into my new home in the UK, and no longer a regular viewer of the show. However, in a recent rather morbid conversation about post-death digital assets---which sent me into the previously mentioned podcast migration tizzy---because I'm not getting any younger, Mum mentioned Komla's passing and it hit me hard, hence this item.