CRRRaSh! 393 Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed

By Roy Mathur, on 2021-07-06, at 22:50:04--23:33:50 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen


Yes, another pod. It was Monday yesterday, so I'm already late taping this week's geek ramble late, thanks to conking out last night and sleeping through my showtime alarm.

Last week's podcasts were even later, hence it feels like I'm releasing pod after pod, but it's just that the releases aren't as staggered as usual.


Did I say MBS or MQS in a past pod? I meant MKBHD (Marques Brownlee). I really couldn't have got the YouTuber's nickname more wrong, and I subscribe to the chap!


In pod 392, I mentioned the ITV Southern Television TV hack that took place on 26 November 1977 broadcasting the voice of an alien named Vrillon.

It occurred to me afterwards that the words and the voice were very reminiscent of the Mysteron announcements in Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons first broadcast on ITV in 1967. Coincidence? I think not!

Again, if you were the hacker, step forth, come on the show, your anonymity is guaranteed.

Not Everyone's Phone is Fast

Not everyone has a flagship phone, so I wish people impatient for us to do something on our phones, like present a barcode or some other piece of information, would be less impatient and give us time.

We are not stupid, we probably know how to use our phones better than most, maybe even better than the person (usually behind a counter) we are presenting that information to. We just so happen to own a slow device.

Don't be a device elitist.

Alarm System Boxes

Now that the thing is deactivated---all that visiting tradesmen did was remove a bloody fuse (yes, I feel like plank for almost blowing myself straight to Hades---what does one do with the alarm system boxes? Especially, what do I do with the big one in my cupboard.

Project box? It could fit almost any modern motherboard. Suggestions?

Dentistry Tools

You can buy dentistry tools cheaply on Amazon. I use a scraper to remove limescale from our taps, as we live in a hard water area. I use the mirror, probes, prods, and forcept tweezers for a variety of techie projects.

Whatever you use them for though, I wouldn't recommend that you actually use them for dentistry.

Women's Pockets

What happened to that campaign to make pockets in women's trousers actually usable?

I thought Mum was kidding about not being able to carry her phone, but her pockets are pathetic!

What the hell?! Make the damn pockets bigger you morons who run the fashion industry!

No Mask Johnson

Boris Johnson's plan, confirmed earlier yesterday, to end obligatory masks and social distance on 19th July has drawn the ire of scientists in the press because Covid is spiking.

"No Mask Johnson" is what I predict they'll be calling him if it all goes tits up, Covid skyrockets and kills half the country. What a berk Boris and his lackey Javid are.

Freedom Day? More like the Freedom Day Massacre. Welcome to the Alan Moore-style dystopia where we're run by malicious nitwits. Oh, wait, that is nothing new.


I'm burning through computer jobs long left by the wayside. Tasks like sorting my photos, and editing my blog and website.

All this is due to a pair of new glasses with intermediate lenses I should have bought years ago. Don't neglect your eyes if you're a computer geek. Now, about the ADHD...

Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed

You might have noticed different art embedded into this week's pod MP3 and the even more mysterious than usual episode title? That's because today I want you to listen to something I made back in 2016, featuring interviews from 2015. I've podded so much in the past few years, that there is a possibility you've heard this before, but my show notes indicate you have not. If you have, sorry, if you haven't, enjoy to this less than two minute demo reel.

What do you think?

Voyage: Incredible Places Revealed was my 2016 pilot/pitch/promo for an NPR (I think), show that never got made. It was meant as sort of irreverent version of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, in which I had the ability to visit the interior of a sun, but could also shrink and fly down the pathways of a silicon microchip, travel backwards, forwards, or sideways in time and space, dive the deepest depths of the oceans, fly to extrasolar planets, etc.; no doubt using my vimana shaped like a wardrobe.

Oh, and vimana? If you don't know yet, it's a flying castle from Hindu mythology that I like pretending is something I own. Only mine is disguised as a wardrobe. As well as Hindu mythology, it's conception in my imagination has its roots in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the TARDIS, SIDRAT, that magic shop in Mr Benn, and an actual battered MFI wardrobe that I turned into a secret door to my bed when I was a teenager. Also, when I got into podcasting, I was planning to build a mini-studio within a wardrobe, which is something that people actually do.

Reasons to be Cheerful

The news cycle is a 24 hour Medusa stare petrifying out souls.

It's not the journalists' fault, we simply get the news at lightning speed becasue of how interlinked the world is today. Some of the news outlets buy from the same new agency, so it seems like all the news is the same and that news is generally bad. With July 19 coming up, the situation is not improving, but I personally can't deal with so much bad news of stupid people doing stupid things most of the time.

I don't know what I'll do, other than try again make this podcast a sanctuary from all that nonsense we see in the world outside. I've said that before and failed, because I also never want to feel that this pod is blissfully ignorant either. There's a balance and I'm working on reaching that happy medium. Maybe I should shorten the rants and, as Bing sings, "accentuate the positive".

It's either that, or have a stroke or a heart attack, which is what a friend once told me would happen if I didn't relax.

Expect changes by pod 400.