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By Roy Mathur, on 2021-08-03, at 23:24:23--23:54:46 BST, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

Computer Problems

I have not been podcasting recently because I didn't have a working computer. More later.


Mum "helped" Dad trim his moustache. It looked like it dad been attacked by a chainsaw, which meant I had the unpleasant task of re-trimming the godawful mess.


Mum suffered multiple stings by a swarm of wasps recently (2021-07-21 c. 22:00). We have since made a complaint about her experience of medical neglect by the local hospital.


I ate the first halva in years as a result of my parents shopping trip earlier today. I like it because my father is a connoisseur of Greek delicacies, probably from his British Army days in Cyprus.

Yes, we are still altogether. Ask me how living in a forced Covid-19 bubble is. It was wearing for everyone concerned... a year ago. We've since settled into a state of bare mutual toleration. We aren't a family designed for multi-generational co-habitation, but today there was halva.

Though I'm a fan of Greek halva, this was an okay Romanian halva. Halva? It's a delicious crumbly confection of nuts, milk, honey, etc. found all over the middle-east, extending into Eastern Europe in the west and India in the east and perhaps further. According to Wikipedia, it originates in Persia.

Jungle Cruise

I'm going to be less spoilery this week.

Although I have been to Disneyland, I don't think I've been on the Jungle Cruise, which is a pity as it looks like something I'd like. It's an enjoyable film tie-in based on the Anaheim theme park ride, like Pirates of the Caribbean (which I have been to). Unless something amazing happens, it's probably the closest I'll get to actual Disneyland again.

The Rock and Blunt are an African Queen/Romancing the Stone pair on an Indiana Jone's style quest (even the music is Raiders-ish) to find a mystical plant in the heart of the Amazon.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are great, and very surprisingly---because I can't stand anything about his comedy, previous work, or even his public persona---so is Jack Whitehall's acting, which must prove he's a very good actor indeed.

The film is a fun family adventure in a similar vein to Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy, etc., and for once I did not see the twist coming.

My only quibble isn't so much with the movie, but with the numerous trailers. For example, the "back side of water" gag was funny, but slightly spoiled by seeing it too many times before the movies was released. At least the trailer did not spoil the twist.

The White Lotus

The dark blotches spreading across the tropical graphics of the title sequence of this show plays like a horror film, but it's more a quirky black comedy about jaded tourists staying at a luxury tropical island hotel resort.

I got a too much of a snifter noseful of Ralph Fiennes's Monsieur Gustave H in Hotel Budapest, and I got a similar overly fragrant whiff from Murray Bartlett's Armond.

I also got too much of an uncanny valley shock from the sight of Steve Zahn's fake generative parts waggling straight into the camera. What was the point, if any, of that? I supposed he's in this because of A Perfect Getaway (2009); a nasty pulpy little thriller you might enjoy.

If I were to continue watching, I'd expect sinister goings on later on in the series---we open on a honeymooning chap preparing to fly back home with his recently be-coffined wife---but this is does not have the mysterious underpinnings of Fantasy Island or Lost. This is more like Tropical Crossroads; a UK reference only oldies will get. But I'm not going to watch it because I hate all the characters, except the underlings, though not enough to hold my interest.


Windows on my Mac somehow screwed itself so badly I nearly bought a new PC. (Never trust forum "experts", who would have you believe your hard disk was up the spout).

Oh my god, what is it about Windows and Macs? This must be the tenth time I've reinstalled Windows on my Mac. This time I accidentally nuked my Mac, while fixing the GPT problem.

I've now got a Mac running Windows only, sans MacOS. If I ever have to sell the thing, there's a special boot key combo for resetting to factory settings or the latest version of MacOS that your Mac can run. I'm done with dual boot crap.

Why not go fully Mac? MacOS is horribly slow on my old Mac Mini and I use a huge amount of Windows 32-bit software. I might still go Mac one day, but not right now because Macs are expensive enough to drive you to revolutionary socialism.


Follow-up. I applied for that second media job. What a faff. If I'm grumpy, that's why.

Fellow nerdlings, if you ever get a foot into whatever your field is, try and help people less fortunate than yourself to get in too. Don't pull the bloody ladder up behind you. Show me someone who says they made with total self-reliance, and I'll show you a liar.


Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Burma are in turmoil, the Uighurs are still being mistreated in China, whose control of Hong Kong also becomes harsher by the day, most of the non-Western world is short of vaccines, and the climate is still buggered.

All, of course, our own doing, so maybe, here's a thought, why don't we just stop?

Shout Outs

Shout outs to whoever's still listening.