CRRRaSh! 400 Chim Chiminey

By Roy Mathur, on 2021-08-21, at 23:08:53--23:44:00 GMT, for Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show, Listen

What Happened?

Digestive problems, depression, bad dreams, and then, to top it all, Afghanistan.


The American government didn't tell their Afghan allies and sneaked out most of their military in the dead of night, said the Taliban push was unexpected when ordinary people like me could see what was happening quite clearly on the TV and news, and now they seem reticent to support the remnants of the Afghan government forces massing in a valley, but surrounded by the Taliban.

It's a total cock up and how can anyone ever trust the USA to not let them down again. Kurds in Syria and now the Afghan people.

This is such a huge subject that I can't even begin to do justice to in a geek pod, but as a minority myself, I'd like to point out the increasingly desperate plight of the people trying to flee the country, including persecuted minorities like the Hazaras and others. Very specifically, I'd like to draw attention to a group of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus stranded in Kabul as we speak. I hope that the international community do not ignore these people also seeking to escape from a very brutal and repressive regime.

Minor Rebrand

A few minor podcast title, subtitle, and description changes.

Luther Arkwright

Roughly 40 years ago I bought book 1 of The Adventures of Luther Arkwright. I sporadically read the continuing series in libraries, but recently bought this 2020 collected edition, The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Heart of Empire: The Legacy of Luther Arkwright, in preparation for Bryan Talbot's final book in the series: The Legend of Luther Arkwright (2022).

The Suicide Squad

A much better James Gunn attempt at a sequel to the lacklustre first 2016 film. The main plot of the film is Amanda Waller's plan to dispatch two suicide squads to the island dictatorship of Corto Maltese. The first as a cannon fodder decoy, leading to their utter destruction, allowing the second team to contend with the true objective: terminating the results of a secret US government project to weaponise a giant space starfish.

Expect Watchmen levels of weirdness and an eyebrow raising body count of B-list DC superhero fatalities. Harley Quinn steals the show in a sub-plot of snagging her very own handsome rich dictator, with predictably bloody consequences.

Sweet Tooth

TV adaptation of the comic book, in which a human deer hybrid boy navigates a viral post-apocalyptic landscape in search of his mother, with the aid of hard man.

I thought it more striking then the fairly crudely drawn comic and performances were great, especially the Brit continent of Nonso Anozie and Adeel Akhtar (who played my favourite character in Channel 4's Utopia). For a change, the kid actor playing the lead role didn't stink. I don't know what it is with child actors today, but some do seem a touch hammy.

What If...?

New Marvel animated TV series, based on the comics of the same name, asks what if, then proceeds to propose alternate superhero origin stories for characters like T'Challa's Black Panther becoming Star-Lord, etc. The first episode concerns what if Agent Carter was the first avenger---Captain Carter---instead of Steve Roger's Captain America?

I found it amusing, with good and colourful art and a fun script. I'm impressed how Marvel seamlessly interweaves the splintered timeline from Loki and the Tesseract from the movies, and how it uses the mysterious Watcher to introduce the episodes, as a framing device like Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone.

Being a Brit, the first episode was stirring as we see Peggy Carter smashing Nazis to bits in a union flag emblazoned uniform and vibranium shield.

It's exactly what's missing from our Saturday mornings with cereal, even if Disney+ put this out on Wednesday.

The Bad Batch

Star Wars animated series about elite deviant clone troopers who desert after the empire victory.

Stranger Things Season 4

That trailer! That shell suit! I'm excited! I said mostly favourable things about the show sci-fi horror show before, but found the derivative nostalgia a little grating.

Now? I don't care. Even if the 1980s were crap for people like me, just gimme the grating nostalgia. I love The Goonies, ET, Tron, DnD, etc., so when ST returns I'll genuinely celebrate the rose tinted version of retro times.

Regarding the actual 80s though, I'll self-hypnotise myself and pretend the era was a sweet neon paradise. I'll lie and tell you how the air was filled with opportunity for all, not just a lot of greedy Thatcherite twocks high on champers and coke, with indefinable jobs, Golf GTIs, FiloFaxes, and anally inserted giant mobile phones antennas. Ahhh... those big antennas could really help one ram the cocaine up one's chim chiminey.